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    • Royal Rooms
      One of the few benefits of the present sequestering is that we get to see much more of the personal working spces of royals. Voyeur that I am, I love this. I know a few of you do, too, if the […]
    • The Royal Response, Part II
      For the most part, the royals are not attending their usual activities. A new world is emerging and some of the world’s oldest and most traditional institutions are stepping up to the […]
    • Glitter Giveaway-Crown Princess Mette Marit
      The aim of this series is to give a needy royal something missing from his or her jewelry box. There are no limitations as to when and where these gifts may come from, so use your imagination! Check […]
    • Pop Quiz
      How are these ladies related and what is one thing they have in common via that relation? Handbag Answer: Alice, Countess of Athlone and Carlota, Empress of Mexico are first cousins, twice removed. […]
    • It’s a crime!
      There are many, many, MANY pieces of jewelry out there in the royal world that simply aren’t used for whatever reason. Exhibit A: The Teck Crescent Tiara and the Teck Necklace. Oh how I long to […]

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