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    • Battle of the (Sort of) Chokers – Queen Maxima
      Because we must include the jewel-whisperer Queen Maxima in our “Battle of the Choker” series, we expanded the definition to include short necklaces. We had to. Max is just that good with […]
    • Spam the Queen-in-Training – Princess Ingrid Alexandra is 17!
      Time simply flies. She JUST had her confirmation, right? Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 17 today. For me, her bunads will always be the best. You don’t need to limit yourselves, though. […]
    • Designer Diaries – Queen Sofia and Pedro Rodríguez
      Iselen has found some more information for us, so her Designer Diary series has extended another week. I think we can all agree that this is the good news that 2021 needs ; ). I love searching on the […]
    • The Death of King Olav V, Part 2
      Note: Much of this is taken from the second episode of King and Queen for 25 Years: The King is Dead – Long Live the King (Konge og dronning i 25 år: Kongen er død – leve kongen), which […]
    • Spam the Sophster – She is 56!
      Happy birthday to the Countess of Wessex! We haven’t done her the hono(u)r of a good birthday spam in the past, so let’s remedy that. My favorite Sophie is here; big-hatted, well-suited […]

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