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    • Hofdame Bits and Bobs
      Getty Did you miss a royal event last week? There were a lot! See Getty for a look back at the week of February 17th. Warning for those with snake phobias, Kate’s visit to the Ark Open Farm is […]
    • Spam the Swedish Queen-In-Training – Estelle turns 8!
      Princess Estelle of Sweden turns 8 on Sunday! Last week she visited the Church of St. Nicholas to acquaint herself with the organ (with the help of some pretty patient teachers). Estelle wore a […]
    • Spam the Norwegian Family – Happy Birthday Astrid and Harald
      Two of our favorite classic Norwegian royals have recently celebrated birthdays. On February 21st King Harald is 83, and his sister – the wonderful Auntie Astrid – was 88 on February 12. […]
    • Random Royaling – A Long Look Back
      Divorce is a sad, complex subject and not one we tackle here in our drama-free world. That said, the recent announcement of two divorces in the British royal family are going to leave a sartorial […]
    • Spam a Musical Encounter
      For those who don’t know, the Handbag is a Motown native. This girl loves her Barry Gordy styled music, and so do some royals. Princess Christina of Sweden, anyone? Doesn’t she look just […]

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