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    • Random Royaling – State Opening of Parliament
      Over in Great Britain, the State Opening of Parliament happens today. It is a monumental year. The Queen is giving her 65th speech to parliament, the first since 2017, focusing on the political […]
    • Hofdame Bits and Bobs
      We have a busy week coming up, but aren’t they all this time of year? We are reviewing some more bridal coats and wraps tomorrow, this time for second weddings. What If Wednesday is onboard, […]
    • Random Royaling – National Day in Spain
      Note: The Getty embed function has undergone a change. We have no official word from Getty on this, it’s only what we have deduced by observing what is happening on this and other blogs. Photos […]
    • In Defense of the Tiara – The Isenburg Floral
      For our next tiara in our “Bride’s Family Tiaras” we are heading to Germany for the Isenburg Floral Tiara. The History The Isenburg Floral was made in Paris in the 1860 and is the […]
    • Random Royaling – Nikolaos and Tatiana
      Note: Getty embeds have not been playing well with Wordpress tagging for the past few days, so we are going to rely on Twitter and Instagram embeds for this post. Fingers crossed it’s all […]