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    • Betty doodleRandom Royaling – UK-Africa Investment Summit
      This is a quick post to give everyone a chance to talk about this event. Unfortunately I can’t go into too much detail beause I am incredibly busy elsewhere all week – alas! A gaggle of […]
    • Random Royaling – Repeats at Receptions and Audiences
      Lots of Queen action last week, and although every Queen is mindfully recycling here, it’s worth a peek. Let’s get to it. It’s not polite to keep Queens waiting. Belgium Philippe […]
    • Hofdame Bits and Bobs
      Royal watching got even more complicated this week. We’ll go over the extraordinary first, and then head into the mundane (which is still pretty exciting). Changes and Controversy First up, the […]
    • Spam a Natan – Queen Mathilde’s 47th Birthday
      This comment thread has the potential to go on forever ; ). I’ll get the ball rolling with the July 2017 National Day dress, a very Natan entry. Happy birthday, Tils! Embed from Getty Images […]
    • Spam a Gown – Princess Margriet’s 77th Birthday
      In honor of this unflagging Princess of the Netherlands and her 77th birthday today, spam your favorite Margriet gown. Here she is at the gala diner for the Corps diplomatique on April 24, 2018. […]

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