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    • Battle of the Chokers – Duchess of Cornwall
      This is just a sample of the necklaces of the Duchess of Cornwall that could be described as chokers. I grabbed the ones I thought might make for an interesting discussion, but feel free to spam the […]
    • Designer Diaries – Crown Princess Victoria and Pär Engsheden
      Born in 1967, Pär Engsheden is a Swedish fashion designer who works primarily in haute couture. He is also a Swedish royal supplier, and has been a favorite of the Bernadotte women for almost twenty […]
    • Random Royaling – Netherlands Updates
      We haven’t spent much time with the House of Orange lately . Let’s see what they have been doing. Princess Margriet spoke to the Introdans Dance Company about how they, as a performing […]
    • Royal Rooms – Public Rooms at Skaugum
      Thank you to one of our loyal blog Baguettes, Marina J., for this fascinating post! Personally, LiL and Suds decided we wanted to move in after reading it. The Estate Skaugum Estate is in Asker, a […]
    • Pocket Profile – Catherine the Great
      To augment the knowledge from our Lost Magnificence series, we are dipping into the history of various members of the Romanov family. The life and reign of Catherine the Great is far too vast for a […]

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