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    • Random Royaling – On Tour with Denmark and Sweden
      Mary is visiting Indonesia and Silvia and Carl Gustaf are touring India, which gives us a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. Mary’s visit has been jam-packed with activities and she has been […]
    • Random Royaling – 20 Year Anniversary
      Happy 20th anniversary to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde! Courtesy of an eagle-eyed Handbagger, here is a video retrospective of their relationship. Yes, it’s a bit on the cheesy-sweet side, […]
    • Random Royaling – NATO Reception
      The Queen hosted a reception ahead of the NATO alliance summit, to mark the organizations 70th anniversary. As always, we are focusing on the sartorial aspects and leaving the politics to other […]
    • What If Wednesday: Odds and Ends
      Things I had floating around that didn’t really fit into their own category. Caroline’s pearl tiara with emeralds. I think this is a necklace that someone asked me to make a tiara out of. […]
    • Random Royaling – Max and the Horizontal Line
      Queen Maxima has worn a couple of outfits lately that make me think she just loves bodice details on the horizontal. The two frayed edge horizontal bands on this repeat Claes Iversen have symmetry in […]

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