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    • In Defense of the Tiara – Greek Emeralds
      We’re taking a detour down to the Mediterranean this go around, discussing the Greek Emerald Tiara. Yes, I picked this picture just for the necklace… The Facts This one goes back to Queen […]
    • The Designer Diaries – Norman Hartnell: Pt.7
      Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be found by clicking the links. Welcome to Part Seven! This is a “round up” of things that didn’t quite fit in with the other parts, or aren’t […]
    • Fix This Fiasco–Daisy’s Turquoise Pieces
      I refuse to call this set a parure. I suppose it technically meets the definition, but your pal OC just can’t do it. Turquoise is a stone which means many different things to many people. Many of […]
    • Spam a Man – King Constantine is 80
      It will be a quiet celebration for King Constantine, all things considered. Let’s take a look back, ten years, to a livelier time. For his 70th birthday, Pavlos put on a party for dad, and it […]
    • In Defense of the Brooch – QEII’s Grima Ruby
      This one raised some eyebrows on OC’s ROYGBIV – Red Jewels post last year, so we thought we’d have some fun with it. This carved ruby and diamond brooch set in yellow gold was given […]

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