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    • Pocket Profile – Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur
      Thank you to our new guest contributor, Lady M, who has shared a splendor-filled royal story from India. India has been a republic for many decades now, but the royal lady we are going to talk about […]
    • Random Royal Rotogravure
      The young Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) is pictured riding on her tricycle, Circa 1930. Embed from Getty Images Royalty and bicycles go hand in hand. Do you have any fun photos of royals on […]
    • Designer Diaries – Queen Sofia and Margarita Nuez
      Queen Sofia has always been a fan of haute couture and fancy fabrics. She’s considered one of the most elegant women in Spain and I strongly believe that she would’ve been a trendsetter and a […]
    • Defense of the Dress – Maxima in Lena Hoschek
      Look who has popped up just in time for us to do a timely Defense of the Dress – well, defense of the skirt and blouse actually. Max maxed out – sartorially – while attending the […]
    • Pocket Profile – Queen Ena
      It’s a mash-up Tuesday – half Designer Diary and half Pocket Profile, all courtesy of our contributor Iselen. Kick back and enjoy! Queen Ena: the rebel. Eugenia in her wedding dress, […]

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