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    • In Defense of the Tiara – The Dutch Pearl Button
      For our next face off, we’re doing some convertible tiaras. From a little convertible, like today’s to some that have more options than you can count! Today though we are focusing on a […]
    • ROYGBIV—Stripes
      We are reallllllly stretching our ROYGBIV category now with this week’s entry in our series, but by popular request, I present Stripes! For me, stripes are much like gold. Very easy to look […]
    • Random Royal Rotogravure
      Princess Margaret chats with Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger in a restaurant in Pointe-du-Bout, French West Indies, December 8th, 1976. Embed from Getty Images You just know Mick thinks he’s […]
    • What If Wednesday: Re-worked Pieces
      Welcome to another post that focuses on gem swapping. Today would have been Princess Margaret’s 89th Birthday, so let’s take a look at her turquoise tiara. You can always find information […]
    • Bits and BobsHofdame Bits and Bobs
      A major summer storm blew out my electricity for two days so this Bits and Bobs may be Bit -tier than usual. Onward! Vacationing I suppose that Daisy considers her whirlwind of activity a vacation, […]