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    • Spam a Nobel Gown – Victoria is 43 Today
      Happy birthday to a fellow moon baby (yes, the Handbag was also born in July ; ). Since I am myself in a birthday glow, I decided against “Spam a Floral” and for “Spam a Nobel […]
    • Pocket Profile – Menen Asfaw
      Quiet presence supporting the throne. Powerhouse political spouse. Champion of women’s rights. Peace lover. Gracious wearer of tiaras. Are you intrigued yet? Embed from Getty Images Menen Asfaw […]
    • Hofdame Bits and Bobs
      All the royal news, curated for you. Please drop your contributions in the comments all week long. […]
    • Wimbledon 2020
      Wrapping up our two weeks of the Wimbledon-that-wasn’t is a visit with the royal who simply put the specs in spectator. Behold Princess Margaret in her shades, circa 1965. Embed from Getty […]
    • The Designer Diaries – Norman Hartnell: Brides Pt.3
      Brides: Parts 1, 2, can be found here. Only one more after this to go! Several of the links are to various interviews with and excerpts from Lady Glenconner’s autobiography. A lot of […]

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