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    • Defense of the Tiara – Lotus Flower
      It’s been worn by a Queen, a Princess, a Viscountess, and a Duchess. It’s been a necklace and a tiara. It has been worn in five different decades (skipping most of the 1940s and 1950s, […]
    • Designer Diaries – Queen Elizabeth and Angela Kelly (Daywear)
      These two have had such a long, intimate, and fruitful collaboration that this post could go on for days. We’re going to focus on daywear. We want to work with our theme of the month, which was […]
    • ROYGBIV – Duchess of Cambridge Yellow and Green Edition
      You asked for it, we resurrected it! Welcome back to ROYGBIV, the Duchess of Cambridge Edition. If you joined us after our original run of this series, here is our first post on it, including a […]
    • Random Royal Rotogravure
      This month marks William and Kate’s 10th Wedding Anniversary. Let’s look at some more “firsts” from that year, and share some of our favorite photos in celebration. The Duke […]
    • Hofdame Bits and Bobs
      It was a historic week in the royal world with the passing of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Although not unexpected, it feels as if the world did change under our feet in one moment. The Duke […]

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