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2022 Royal Sartorial Star – Vote!

Goodbye 2022 – we hardly knew ye! The increase in royal activity this year led to some stellar appearances. Each Hofdame has their favorite sartorial star, and it’s only fair we open the vote to all of you, too.

Queen Silvia – The Handbag

Seventy-nine years old, Queen for forty-six years, and still got it. In fact, she’s improving on it. Her appearance during the 2021 Spanish Visit will forever be my all time favorite, but in 2022 she scored with a series of fabulous appearances and a beautiful new official photo.

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Princess Beatrice – OC

Windsor #9, to put it simply, has really come into her own in the past few years and 2022 has been no exception.

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H.S.H Princess Charlene – Luckey Girl

2021 was rough for her, but she came back in all her superpower glory in 2022. Her pixie cut is the icing on the cake!

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Princess Ingrid-Alexandra – LiL

You all know I love me some Norways, and IA really stepped up and out on her own this year. With the help of her mother’s early 2000s closet, she has put together a string of winners, culminating in her first tiara and orders portrait. Chef’s kiss!

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