Tiara Speculation – Coronation

King Charles and Queen Camilla planned on embarking on the first state visit of the King’s reign next week to France and Germany. As you are all probably aware, there has been significant civil unrest in France and the Palace has issued a statement that they are “keeping an eye on the situation.”

State Visit Cancellation

Late update – the French portion of the visit has been cancelled. Let’s switch gears. We started this as a state visit tiara speculation post, but we have changed it to a coronation speculation post. Flexibility is our mantra around here.

Regardless of all this, we are proceeding as if everything will go to plan. Since this is the first State Visit out of the country for the new King and Queen, we are hoping to see a tiara or two – even though these are republics.

Since there will be no tiaras in France and we don’t know if the German segment of the trip will continue, we’ll look further ahead. Right now the only people we know who will be wearing crowns at the coronation are the King and Queen. However, others may do so, and there may be tiara events associated with the coronation. Are you game for a little speculation?

Queen Consort Tiaras

We have heard that Camilla will wear Queen Mary’s coronation crown, and probably the George IV diadem for the travel to the ceremony. However, we still hold out hope that there may be a gala around the event, and a chance to see another tiara on her head.

The Modern Sapphire, the George VI Sapphire, or whatever you choose to call it, was a lovely surprise on the new Queen last autumn.

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Given that this was the wedding tiara for her first marriage, the Cubitt-Shand is an unlikely contender, but it certainly is pretty.

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Ah, the tried and true, the “wastebasket”, the Greville tiara. It has certianly seen a lot of events since Camilla started wearing it and it’s obviously comfortable.

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Given the state of Europe at the moment, I suspect the Queen will not go big, as in Delhi Durbar big. However I did enjoy immersing myself in the history of the piece, and you might too. I do wonder if we will ever see it again?

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And of course, there are always the tiaras she hasn’t worn but we know or suspect are still in the vaults: the Teck Crescent, the Oriental Circlet, the Brazilian Aquamarines, Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik, the Vladimir, and indeed many others. Let us know your thoughts below!

Princess of Wales Tiaras

Some people see delicate and feminine, some see an odd looking caterpillar. Do you think we’ll see it again, is what I am asking?

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Another tiara that has been described as anywhere between a steampunk creation and the a cathedral of pearls. Whether you call it the Cambridge Lovers Knot or Queen Mary’s Lovers Knot, no doubt it’s iconic!

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The Halo Scroll was linked to the then Duchess of Cambridge by her famous wedding appearance, however we haven’t seen it since. Do you think it will make a reappearance?

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Like Camilla, the Princess has many other options, including the Greville Emerald (worn by Princess Eugenie on her wedding day), Queen Mary’s Diamond Fringe (worn by both the Queen and Princess Beatrice, on their wedding days), and well, lots of others.

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