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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Note: We’ll have an Open Post for the Royal Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow today!

We have a lot of Daisy and Denmark to catch up on! Ready, set, go….


We are focusing on Denmark in today’s Bits but let’s not leave everyone else out. Silvia was out speechifying and Oma accompanied Constantijn and Laurentien to a very special event. See it all here.


Remember, we have more than one Jubilee going on this year. Queen Margrethe attended Golden Jubilee celebrations at the historic Tivoli Gardens last week. Although it’s her backyard and she’s been there many, many times she looked utterly charmed and excited as if it were her first visit. She rode on the “Flying Suitcase” and “The Old Slide” and inspected her cake – honestly, these sound like the best Jubilee celebrations ever. Also, great bold color for the guest of honor topped off with one of her “beanie” hats. This one is the Mathilde Førster Twist Trim Hat.

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This being Daisy, there was culture on deck in the form of an evening ballet. No one can claim she didn’t bring the springtime with her. She also brought a significant necklace along!

I just love Luisa Beccaria, and the combination of this designer with Princess Benedikte was way too long in the making. She, too, proves that Queen Ingrid taught her daughters how to choose a necklace for a neckline.

Have we seen Princess Marie take the Audrey Hepburn route before? She looks very chic in her Emily Shalant Jeweled Crystal top and taffeta skirt. Like a doll!

The Crown Princess wore her Taller Marmo coat, for a sophisticated take on a springtime evening appearance. Too bad there wasn’t a Golden Poppy or two lying around to twist into that hairstyle!

The Queen of Denmark was insanely busy last week. In addition to her party, she caught up on a long-delayed (due to the pandemic) meetup with Princess Beatrix. They visited Museum Amager during the festivities to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Dutch immigration to Store Magleby in Dragor. Enjoy the brimmed hat meeting the cake hat.

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The Classic Princess Benedikte was everywhere last week, but we pulled this particular visit because she is wearing an Anne Taylor skirt – accessible to many of us. Not sure I could pull it off quite so well. She visited the German island of Sylt, located in the Wadden Sea National Park close to Rømø.


Here’s a hit of glam for your week. Charlotte Casiraghi Chanel’ed it up and hit the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

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The Grand Duke, Grand Duchess, and the Hereditary couple with Chuck de Lux in tow, all celebrated the Closing of the Octave. There is a mass at Notre Dame (of Luxembourg) and a procession through Luxembourg City. The Grand Duchess wore her Valentino jacket, and the Hereditary Grand Duchess wore a Paula Ka dress (and later added a tweed coat.)


Look who showed up wearing a sparkly blazer! The Duchess of Kent attended a concert at Lancaster House, a children’s music charity she helped establish back in 2004.


I am not sure anyone will find this as interesting as I did, but here is a wooden dress that looks wonderfully light to my eyes. The Linley Beechwood Tiara as a finishing touch, perhaps?


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