Hall of Fame – Duchess of Cornwall, Daywear

Thank you to our guest author and community member, Jane Maple, for this Hall of Fame entry! I think you will find it as witty and engaging as we did. (Note: photo of Jane Maple courtesy of Jane Maple. All other photos from Hello and Daily Mail.)

Jane’s Thesis

I love Camilla’s daywear for two quite different reasons.  First there’s the hats – giant concoctions of flowers, feathers and froof.  I love her hats; I wish I had a lifestyle that involved wearing hats, ‘cause I’d really try to give her a run for her Phillip Treacy.  When it comes to hats, Camilla is, for me, that unreachable star.

My other reason for loving her daywear is the complete opposite; it often seems so doable, even for someone who buys most of her clothes at thrift stores.  She’s a year older and several pounds lighter than I am, but I look at her outfits and can realistically see myself wearing something similar.

A case in point is this purple skirt and top which Cams has worn several times.  I looked at that and realized that I could pull something similar together .

Photo courtesy of Jane Maple


Even the outfits that I know I would have no reason to wear are still so elegant but achievable for other women her age.

I love her approach to hot weather dressing; wherever she is, she will probably be wearing a loose and comfortable but absolutely beautiful salwar kameez.  There have been many, but my favourite is this one she wore to the Hermitage Plantation House on March 21, 2019 during her visit to Saint Kitts and Nevis.

It was harder for me to pick a favourite of her day dresses/suits, possibly because I like most of them.  But, unsurprisingly, I chose this one that she wore to the annual tree trimming at Clarence House because… well… red.  And this is such a wonderful event, that I’m always predisposed to like what she wears to it.


But the one outfit Camilla wore this year that totally made me sit up and notice was this blue suit with the scalloped hem on the jacket that she wore on .  Uh may zing!

What kind of daywear do you like best on Camilla?