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We are a chatty group of four friends who have been talking privately about our royal obsession for years. This is our conversation made public. It may meander, and it may be not always follow the most famous royal or the most current royal news. Read on to discover who is who around here, and the areas that interest each of us.

Thank you for coming along with us for the ride.

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    Royal watcher from way back. I also tinker with Photoshop. A lot.
    My goal is to keep everyone up to date on the unsung royals. The ones who are out there slogging away for King/Queen and Crown, but are rarely talked about.


    While I haven't been into the royal world as long as others, I have jumped in feet first! Fave families are the Scandis: Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, but I'll gladly go anywhere fabulous clothes and amazing jewels take me.

    Apparently I am the expert on tiaras, orders, sashes, history and the Monegasque Princely Family...


    A candid take on the fashions & jewels seen on royals (and a few others). I tend to write about historical items and events.

    Princess Beatrix is my jam.

    The HandbagThe Handbag

    I have been following royalty since the Diana/Fergie days. My favorite royal, sartorially speaking, is Queen Letizia, followed closely by that ageless scamp, Princess Astrid of Norway. I love following the less followed in the royal world. My general duties here in Handbagland are the Bits & Bobs and whatever Random Royaling arises.