Arbitrary Apparel Appreciation

Arbitrary Apparel Appreciation–Juliana Awada

Juliana Awada is the wife of Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri. The couple visited King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia on a state visit to Spain in February 2017. The state banquet was at the Royal Palace of Madrid, a gorgeous back drop for a gorgeous dress.

Alamy stock photos, in case you couldn’t tell from the watermarks.

I LOVE the subtle sparkle shown in the first photo, because it really elevates this dress to black tie. The soft pink is incredibly complementary to Mrs. Argentina’s complexion and the dress moves beautifully.

The video below cracks me up because for all of the orchestration involved in state visits, the age old issue of photo placement happens to the best of us.

There has always been commentary that the top looks a little too close to a bathing suit for comfort, and I can see the case for that. I think the beading and the delicate fabric accents mitigate that aspect and bring this somewhat old-fashioned dusty rose into a fresh and modern black tie gown.

Even the Queen appreciates the garment! Oh, how I love that sparkle.

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Oh yeah, you may have noticed this was the banquet at which Letizia debuted La Buena and the earrings from the Joyas de Pasar.

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What do you think of Ms. Awada’s gown?

If you could, what jewels (of any house) would you style this gown with?

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