Arbitrary Apparel Appreciation · Sweden

Arbitrary Apparel Appreciation–Princess Madeleine at her son’s christening

Princess Madeleine of Sweden wore a striking Valentino dress to her son Nicolas’s christening October 11, 2015. She has worn a lot of the Valentino brand over her fashion years with mixed results.

Here is the dress version on which Madeleine’s is based.

After some customization and accessorizing, the version below appeared on the princess. Apologies for not having a complete front view, but you know that baby boy kept getting in the way here! I like the addition of the longer sleeve and the fabulous colors on her hairpiece and shoes. The shoes look black in this particular photo, but they are a complimentary deep cranberry.

Embed from Getty Images

What say you about this Valentino dress? Can you appreciate it even if it isn’t to your taste? What other dress modifications would you have made? What accessorizing would you have done differently?