Around Again

Celebrating 1,000 posts is fun! Since we now have such a catalogue, I am sure there are some even our most loyal readers will have missed. Let’s take a look back at some of the Hofdame favorites. Don’t worry, every Baguette will have a change to join in.

Guest Posts

Baguettes are the heart and soul of this community. We love when you chime in. Some of the (many) worthy posts to revisit:

There are so many more, so if you want to read through all the guest posts, head here. To everyone who has contributed, a hearty thank you. And to those of you who read here daily, thank you. We have an extremely loyal group and we appreciate everyone.

Hofdame Favorites

Suds loves the entire ROYGBIV series, her first favorite being R for red. It was a fun collaboration of members.

LiL can’t get enough of the Designer Diaries series! So maybe it’s a “tooting my own horn” situation here, but Hartnell kicked us off, and it was a blast to do. All of you liked it so much that what was supposed to be a “one off” kicked started an entire series. A series that is still going strong, I might add!

LG is also going to toot her own horn a bit…my two fave posts so far have been Defense (or not) of the Baden and the Hofdame Hall of Fame for Vickan’s evening looks. But my favorite thing over the last 1,000 posts has been the way this site has grown, making new friends and bringing in some old ones.

OC’s fave (so far) has been the Corps Diplomatique Dinner as this was the first time that The Handbag had on the ground coverage, our own correspondent in the field, Gert-Jan who supplied us with amazing photographs and fan fave Triple-A passing on all his knowledge about the event and participants.

Your Favorites

We would like to know what you enjoy best, and what you want more of going foward. Below, choose your favorite Handbag theme. Don’t worry, you can choose as many as you like. If you have an idea for a series, you can add it too. If you want to write a post, you know our door is always open. E-mail the Bag at

Your Favorite Themes