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Ascot Appreciation – Alexandra and Autumn

We’re talking about two of our favorites today – Princess Alexandra of Kent and Autumn Phillips. Both have attended Ascot for years, and usually turn up looking great.

Here are my faves and not-so-faves for these two lovely ladies.

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Favorite: While we can’t see the entirety of this outfit, from what we can see, it’s fabulous!

Not-so-favorite: Again, we can’t see all of this one, and for me, that’s ok. It’s just a bit much…

Autumn Phillips

Fave: Shockingly my fave, despite it being my least favorite color.

Not-so-favorite: Like Princess Alex above, this is just too much. Maybe if the sleeves were shorter, the neckline different, a couple of inches were chopped off…well, then it would be a different dress…

So…what do you guys think? Agree, disagree, think I’m completely nuts?