Ascot Appreciation—Queen Elizabeth

Let’s round out our week of Ascot Appreciation with the grande dame herself, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Each Hofdame will post one of her favorite appearances.

The Handbag: Here she is, all swish and glamour in 1954. Honestly, none of the young ‘uns these day hold a candle to her.

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LiL: I’m going with a super recent appearance. Last year to be exact. One was having a splendid summer season in 2019, and was not about to let a bit of rain slow her down. I love the color of this coat on her, and the floral trimmed hat is tons of fun. LLTQ!

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LG: Like The Handbag, I’m hopping in the way back machine and heading to the 50s; 1955 to be exact. Love this floaty floral.

OC: Not the most flattering images of our lady, but I am super interested in this outfit because of the swirly peaches & pink paisleys I see in the floaty dress underneath. Fab hat. Blech brooch.

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What are your favorite Ascot appearances by Queen Elizabeth? Show us your favorites in the comments and tell us why you love them!