Defense of the Dress – Maxima in Lena Hoschek

Look who has popped up just in time for us to do a timely Defense of the Dress - well, defense of the skirt and blouse actually. Max maxed out - sartorially - while attending the award ceremony of the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation in Amsterdam. The award went to the ISH Dance Collective for… Continue reading Defense of the Dress – Maxima in Lena Hoschek


Random Royaling – National Day in Monaco

Ready for a black, white and gray parade? Have you been missing gloves? Interested in the velvet headband as a hat? The Monacos are here for you. All joking aside, this is an amazing display of family unity in the face of crisis. I bow down. Yesterday, Monaco celebrated National Day 2020. Even though the… Continue reading Random Royaling – National Day in Monaco

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Random Royaling – Coats!

....and the Duchess of Cambridge is nowhere in sight ; )! Camilla and Charles continue their visit to Berlin. Charles showed his polyglot side and delivered a very nice speech in German, according to our German speakers here. Camilla showed off her mask game (good!) and her coat game, which is glorious. She wore a… Continue reading Random Royaling – Coats!