Spam des boucles d’oreilles (the earrings!) – Princess Charlene’s 42nd Birthday

We may rue her lack of tiara outings, but the woman can wear a pair of earrings like no other. We’ll begin the festivities with this outing at the 2019 Monaco television festival. Happy birthday, madame.

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Random Royaling – Victoria Visits Socialstyrelsen

That’s The National Board of Health and Welfare for English speakers. This happened last week, but I feel we haven’t visited with Victoria and Daniel in forever. The princess is supporting the royal lady pantsuit, in corduroy, no less. The navy suit is by Dagmar, and although a corduroy suit just feels like it would add some significant bulk to the lightest of frames, it doesn’t do that to Victoria. On the contrary, I feel this flatters her very well. I do wish for a bit more length on the royal lady trousers, though.

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What is your verdict on the corduroy?


Random Royaling – Naruhito and Masako

The Emperor and Empress visited the National Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. This is an important place in the life of the Japanese. It is the only facility in the country that provides medical care and employment training to people with disabilities on a consistent basis.

I am enjoying this hat departure on Masako, and the deep wine color. I would love to see her default to a brim more often, and the lapel and hatband coordination is a wonderful touch. I also detect a hint of spousal coordination.

What do you think of Masako’s wild hattery?


Random Royaling – The Royals Wear Massimo Dutti

Suddenly, this designer is everywhere. On everyone.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited HMP Send in Woking, England, as part of her 24-hour tour of the country to launch ‘5 Big Questions on the Under 5s’. It’s a big initiative, which is described in detail here. I look forward to seeing how it all rolls out, but in the time being, let’s look at this lovely expanse of camel hair by Massimo Dutti. I do love a good camel hair.

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During her time in London a couple of weeks ago, the Duchess of Sussex – a known dog lover – visited an animal shelter wearing a belted Massimo Dutti coat. Navy is a great color for her.

Queen Letizia attended the opening of the International Tourism Fair-FITUR 2020., wearing a “confetti-print”dress by Massimo Dutti. This floating, flowing dress is very feminine, and it flatters her greatly.

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What do you think of the Massimo Dutti creations?


Random Royaling – Camilla Visits Launer

Camilla continues her check adjacent coat run, although I wonder if this should be classified as a coat or coat dress? She had several engagements in the West Midlands, including a stop at the Launer “factory”, and she carried her own Launer bag to the event. Very meta, Cams!

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Did you enjoy the wink to her hosts?