Baguette Bookworm – Remember When: William & Kate A Royal Ten Years

The Bag was the recipient of a complimentary copy of Remember When: William & Kate – A Royal Ten Years. The book was published by Historic Newspapers, the world’s largest archive of over 3 million old newspapers dating back over 100 years. Released to commemorate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 10th wedding anniversary, it’s a dedicated newspaper book, filled with newspaper content about their life together.

Initially, I was skeptical that I would find anything new in a book of newspaper clippings about the royal couple. It’s only been ten years, and their public life is heavily documented. Certainly, my memory couldn’t be that bad, right? It’s not like I haven’t been paying attention.

To my surprise, there was a lot I had forgotten. The clippings start with their wedding. Do you remember this quip from Wills to his father-in-law, Michael Middleton?

This was only supposed to be a small family affair!

Prince William

The clippings include the tours, the children, the christenings, and the official royal events. So many things that I had already forgotten, and lots of things I loved revisiting.

The book is newspaper-sized, so photos are large enough to see detail, and you read the articles. It’s an old-school way of revisiting the royal past, but it is valuable for those who like to hold history in their hands.

For more information or to purchase your own copy, see here.