Baguette Memory Lane

And we’re out – the Hofdames have headed out to celebrate our long weekend. June 2022 was frantic but fun in the extreme. Thanks for sharing one of the most exciting months ever for royal-watching!

As we take a breather, please enjoy the memories of our Baguette Wendy1. She emptied out her royal books and scrapbooks for your viewing pleasure. These are eighties-era photos, so enjoy patterns, ruffles, and lots of pearl necklaces.

Also a very Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Baguettes – Wendy included!

Duchess of Gloucester

Diana wasn’t the only glamour puss in the British Royal Family during the eighties. She also wasn’t the only one who enjoyed a ruffled pie crust collar. In fact, in a couple of these photos, I thought Birgitte was Diana! The photos of the Duchess of Gloucester are from “The Story of the Royal Family” by Trevor Hall. Note the clips on her collar in the second photo!

Princess Alexandra

Does she look like her mama or what?

This balcony appearance was a polka dot spectacular. Is that Alex next to Diana or is it someone else? The tallness factor is off the charts here.

Duchess of Kent

Ah, we do miss her on the scene.

Princess Michael

She was a great bow lover herself, wasn’t she?

Stay tuned – next week we will take a look at the Queen, the Queen Mother, and Princess Anne! In the meantime, do you have any vintage photos of royals that you would like to share?