Battle of the Chokers – Diana Division

There are times when I go to write one kind of post and it ends up being an entirely different thing. In this case I was going to do a “Make it Modern – Chokers” post, but every example I chose was of Diana, and she looked modern already. So out goes the Make it Modern and in comes the Battle of the Chokers, Diana Division. Let’s get to it.

  1. Three Strand Pearl

For the wedding of Viscount Linley and Serena Stanhope, Diana accessorized with a three strand pearl choker with a flower shaped clasp.

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2. Seven Strand Pearl with Sapphire Clasp

It’s magnificent. It’s her statement piece, and she wore it many, many times. This is my favorite, when she paired it with her bugle beaded white gown in Budapest. Modern, right?

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3. Eleven Strand Pearl

This was once of Diana’s favorite pieces to wear to less formal outings (I’m actually laughing at typing that), but she did wear it to charity events and movie premieres, rather than state dinners.

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4. Diamond and Sapphire Choker

The woman LOVED her sapphires. She also reinvented her jewelry constantly, and this choker was thought to be compiled from the Saudi Suite. Also a famous bandeau.

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5. Art Deco Emerald Choker

Diana was given a lifetime loan of Queen Mary’s Art Deco Emerald Choker, and she made extensive use of it. Many remember it as the bandeau she famously wore in Australia, but I think the outing below is the best, and most modern.

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6. Pure Pearls

This is not one piece, but one of Diana’s seven strand pearl chokers paired with a pearl necklace and a pearl drop. All pearls, all the time. I am fascinated how she made such an old fashioned effect look modern.

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Which choker is your favorite?