Battle of the Chokers – Queen Sonja

We’ve come to the last of the choker series, and it’s dedicated to our Nordic Queen. Queen Sonja is choker maniac and she has spoiled us for choice in that regard. Let’s leap into this, shall we?

  1. Queen Alexandra’s Pearl Necklace

A multi-strand pearl choker said to be originally owned by by Queen Alexandra.

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2. Queen Maud’s Four Strand Pearl Choker

Queen Maud’s four strand pearls, often paired with another pearl necklace for maximum effect.

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3. Short Diamond Collier

Two strands of short diamond necklaces, usually worn together.

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4. Queen Maud Four Strand Pearl Choker with Emerald Clasp

The same four pearl strands as we saw above, but with the geometric emerald clasp.

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5. Modern Gold Choker

Said to be a gift from her husband on her sixtieth birthday, this is part of the Modern Gold Parure. The center element can be switched out for other stones.

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6. Queen Alexandra Loop de Loop

I would like to point out that “Loop de Loop” is my invention, but I have no idea what to call this choker. All I know is that it has been said to have been a piece that came from Queen Alexandra’s jewel box.

Which choker is your favorite?