Battle of the Coats – Sophie at Christmas

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When I started on this post, I thought I would be able to find a common theme in Sophie’s Christmas walk-from-church outfits, but there is no such thing. Sophie brings variety, folks. Which is good for us, because we are asking to pick your favorite, and you simply won’t mix up one outing with another. Bonus – we’ll also test your prediction skillz.

2018 – Sophie in Suzannah. The operative word here is midi. A long midi at that. We have discussed at length (har har) Sophie’s preference for the midi in the last few years, and here she indulged it to the max (har har). The lovely soft blue does stand out in a sea of more Christmas-y coat colors.

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2017 – Sophie sports Erdem. Is it a coat? A dress? A convertible dressing gown? Erdem calls it a coat and we will settle on that. I thought it looked a bit drafty for a Christmas walk, but it was certainly festive.

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2016 – Sophie in Azzedine Alaïa – Now this was definitely a dress, but for some reason this looks warmer than the previous year’s coat to me. The designer described it as a wool blend knit , and I hope the blend had insulating properties.

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2015 – Sophie in Suzannah again. Now here’s a proper coat. This Suzannah wool coat sported a contrasting fur collar and interest in the hemline.

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2014 – Sophie dons Armani. This white wool Armani has a lovely collar detail. Maybe I’ll stand alone here, but I like the black and white contrast. It pings clean and fresh to me, and a nice change up for Christmas.

What is your favorite?

For bonus fun – try your hand at guessing what she’ll wear this year. Coat? Dress? Coat/Dress? If you have a designer in mind, throw that out there too!