Battle of the Dresses – Princess Marie Division

Since the New Year’s levees are coming up in Denmark, let’s take a look back at some of Princess Marie’s recent ensembles, and let her know which one we liked best!


The diamond floral tiara is a given, since it’s her major tiara and as far as I can tell the only one she wears to this event. The Rikke Gudnitz  gold dress was a festive and elegant choice, and I love the swish of the skirt.

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The white shows up in the night like a beacon, doesn’t it? This is a repeat Rikke Gudnitz  dress, but a good one in that it works well with the orders and doodads that are part and parcel of the evening.

Courtesy of Det danske kongahus Facebook


This year was a bit of a departure for Marie No peplum, and not much frou frou except for the side ruffle on the Ole Yde gown.

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I can find an identification on this, but it’s definitely very Marie. She loves to default to either white or gold for this event. The relatively restrained styling works for her well, I think.

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Which appearance do you like the best?