Battle of the (Sort of) Chokers – Queen Maxima

Because we must include the jewel-whisperer Queen Maxima in our “Battle of the Choker” series, we expanded the definition to include short necklaces. We had to. Max is just that good with the jewels.

  1. The Peacock Necklace

Wilhelmina commissioned the necklace as part of the Peacock Parure, Juliana wore it for her coronation, Princess Irene sported it often early in her princessing days, and then it went dark for many years. Fortunately, Max gloriously busted out it out for a dinner for the President of Germany in 2017.

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2. Dutch Diamond Trellis Necklace

Doesn’t the (then) Princess look utterly adorable here? This was Queen Emma’s wedding gift to Wilhemina and it can be zhuzzed up with sapphires (shown below), pearls (shown below on Irene) or rubies.

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3. Mellerio Ruby Necklace

The parure was commissioned for Queen Emma, and it’s been a favorite within the family ever since. The necklace consists of three strands of diamonds connected by an impressive ruby clasp. It appears Maxima has tightened it up to wear as a choker. It was a short necklace when worn by Emma, Wilhemina and Juliana.

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4. Emerald and Diamond Necklace

The emerald parure, including tiara, necklace, earrings and bracelet, was given to Wilhelmina by her mother, Queen Emma. The shortened version of the necklace can be worn for a choker effect. More information on the versions of the necklace can be seen here.

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Which choker is your favorite?