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What If Wednesday: Paper Doll Edition

Some things are lost to the sands of time, such as the designers of these dresses that I used to spruce up M-M’s closet. But why should we let them gather dust in the files just because of that! Enjoy! :0)

I’d love to see her wear more colors and prints like this. Everything here is easily in her currently preferred wheelhouse. Modest necklines and hems, covered shoulders and a bit of floof. Do you agree?

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Random Royaling – Belgium Luxembourg State Visit

Tiara week marches on! Lucky us. The Belgian royals have arrived for the State Visit with their neighbors in Luxembourg. Because we know our community, let’s just jump to the bling close-ups immediately.

Here are three lovely ladies sparkling at the first night’s State Banquet: Mathilde, in the full Nine Provinces, Stephanie wearing the Citrine as only she can, and the gracious Maria Teresa wearing the Belgian Scroll. I think the tiara hair is particularly good here, across the board. I am also thinking that the Citrine earrings would find a very nice home in my jewelry box.

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Pulling back for the long shot, we see some amazing dress to room coordination. Stephanie is picking up the colors in the couch and carpet, MT the drapery, and they allowed the visiting Queen her fabulous pop of color. MT’s dress is by Carolina Herrera, and Mathilde’s magenta number is a bespoke creation by Armani Prive.

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The Grand Duke gave Mathilde and Philippe a daytime tour, which unfortunately was mostly conducted in the rain. Mathilde was in a Natan floral green dress with a ruffled high neckline, which she covered with a cozy green coat, also by Natan.

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The Queen and King traveled to Luxembourg by train, and Mathilde wore a soft pink coat with shoulder button fasteners, by Giorgi Armani.

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On Day 2, Stephanie accompanied the Queen to an academic seminar on medical innovation. Mathilde’s dress is new, by Dries Van Noten.

How do you feel about the sartorial efforts here? Remember, we have more tiaras in Norway tomorrow, so don’t overload here ; ).

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Random Royaling – Tours on the Indian Subcontinent

Note: We have made a last minute editorial decision to move our regular wedding post out two weeks to allow more space to talk about the fantastic tours going on right now. We’ll regroup on weddings after the State Visits, tours, and next week’s Enthronement ceremonies are behind us.

We are using the more expansive definition of the subcontinent here to include both India and Pakistan, since we have European royals visiting both countries. We’re covering the clothes here, and have a special guest post on the jewels worn by Máxima.

Let’s check out the sartorial aspects of these trips so far.

The Duchess Makes a Grand Entrance

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Pakistani Air Force Base Nur Khan in Islamabad to begin a four-day official visit to Pakistan. Kate wore an ombré bespoke outfit by Catherine Walker, modeled loosely on traditional salwar kameez. The dress colors range from pale to deep blue, layered over a white underdress. The dress has long sleeves with fabric covered buttons and a neckline that features draping running across the front and back. Sweeping entrance, indeed!

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She continued with this style of dress both for a visit with the President of Pakistan and his wife, Dr. Arif Alvi and Samina Alvi, and on a trip to the Margallah National Park foothills, to discuss childhood education. I think these clear, bold colors suit her and the visit.

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William and Kate have arrived for the evening reception in a colorful conveyence and looking mighty colorful themselves! Early reports are that Kate is wearing a gown by Jenny Peckham.

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Queen Máxima is Maxtastic

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are in India on a State Visit. After the welcome ceremony, the couple visited the Raj Ghat monument dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Máxima stepped out wearing a gray-blue Natan lace dress and an aquamarine brooch and earring set.

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The absolute sartorial throw-down occurred at the official state banquet hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind at the Presidential Palace. Máxima wore a one-shoulder dress thought to be by Jan Taminiau. The gown is fashioned from a real Indian sari, which she bought during the state visit to India in 2007. The fabric was purchased in Jaipur, also known as the pink city, because of all the pink buildings. She has accessorized to the ultimate Max level here, wearing the Dutch Diamond bandeau, and oh, so much more.

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More Maxima!

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Head over here to read about the jewels!


Guest Post – Máxima Jewels to the Max!

Thank you to our community member Triple A for providing this in-depth information on the jewels Maxima has worn so far during the State Visit to India. We appreciate his quick response and willingness to share his expertise with the community. Unless otherwise noted, all photos have been provided by the author and remain their property. You can always catch up with his news on his Facebook page, too!

There are two theories about the huge pear shaped aquamarine which Máxima  wore as a brooch attached to her diamond bow brooch during the first day in India. The first theory about this stunning jewel is that Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld gave this pear shaped aquamarine (which weighs about 90 carats!) to Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands in 1937, on the occasion of their wedding.

The other and more plausible theory about this pear shaped jewel is that it comes from Queen Anna Paulowna, wife of King Willem II. She owned a large pear shaped aquamarine, which she received from her husband as a birthday present in 1820. Her son, King Willem III, inherited this Brazilian aquamarine from his mother.

Close-ups of the Aquamarines

Queen Beatrix and Princess Laurentien wore it for the first time in 2013: Beatrix as a pendant attached to a diamond riviere necklace, whereas Laurentien chose to fix it to a adjusted version of the “Stuart” diamond bow brooch/devant-de-corsage.

The earrings of briolette cut aquamarines were a wedding present from Princess Juliana’s mother in law, Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, taken from her private jewel collection. As for many earrings of the Dutch royal collection, the pendants can be used in different earrings. Maxima wore the the “Mellerio” version in India.

The Mellerio Version

The diamond bandeau tiara is one of the most original and impressive in the Dutch collection, and has no equivalent in other royal vaults. It looks simple because the stones set in the platinum frame don’t need an elaborate structure to be highlighted. There are twenty-seven huge old cut diamonds, each (!) weighing nearly or more than 20 carats, removed in the 1930’s from the diamond riviere originally set with thirty-four stones.

Maxima in the Bandeau and Brooch

This necklace was given to Queen Emma of the Netherlands as a wedding present (together with a devant-de-corsage) when she married King Willem III in 1879. Made in Amsterdam by Alfred Josephus Jitta, the official court jeweler of Queen Sophie, the whereabouts of the seven remaining diamonds of the necklace are unknown.

The original necklace

Queen Wilhelmina wore the tiara only once, for her last official portrait. Queen Juliana and Princess Margriet made it one of their favorites. Today, Princess Beatrix (OMA) and Queen Màxima are the main wearers of this beautiful bandeau.

The pink diamond large brooch possibly belonged to the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna, mother of Queen Anna Pavlovna of the Netherlands and grandmother of Queen Sophie (first wife of King Willem III). Sophie inherited this jewel from her mother, Grand-Duchess Catharina Pavlovna. (Queen of Württemberg). The jewel consists of a diamond open work or lace work bow containing five cushion cut pink diamonds. Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana, Beatrix and Maxima all wore this stunning piece in three different versions. Queen Maxima wore the shortest version in India. Maxima wore the two large and smaller round rose cut house diamonds, taken off from the “Stuart” Tiara as earrings.

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Before we leave this dreamy post, let’s take a last long look at some fabulous tiara hair.


Thank you, Triple A, for enhancing our knowledge about these fabulous jewels!


Random Royaling – State Opening of Parliament

Over in Great Britain, the State Opening of Parliament happens today. It is a monumental year. The Queen is giving her 65th speech to parliament, the first since 2017, focusing on the political agenda for the next year. It begins at 11:30 a.m. local time.

The procession, including The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, has already made its way to the House of Commons. The Royal Standard is flying, and Black Rod has done her duty. The Queen is not wearing the Imperial State Crown, as some thought she might, but rather the George IV State Diadem.

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Fabulous shot of the diadem.

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Camilla is wearing my favorite of her gowns for this event.

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That incredible necklace and the Imperial Crown.

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Lady Susan Hussey and Fortune Fitzroy, the Mistress of the Robes.

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Made me misty eyed.

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