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Bosom Buddies-Beatrix & Sofía

Beatrix of the Netherlands and Sofía of Spain always seem to enjoy each other’s company. One lady a Queen Regnant and one lady a Queen Consort, state visits along with gala celebrations and many other opportunities have given us some lovely photos of these ladies over the years.

Here we have some love upon Spain’s arrival for Beatrix’s 60th birthday back in 1998.

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A lunch date with the Dutch Prime Minister in 2001.

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Attending the pre-wedding celebration for Frederik & Mary in 2004.

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A state visit from Netherlands to Spain…

Both ladies wearing their big gun tiaras here.

I have no idea of the occasion here, but what a great photo!

And from Victoria & Daniel’s 2010 wedding, the gift that keeps on giving.

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And last, but by no means least, this absolutely gorgeous photo. Yes, this is a photo from Fabiola of the Belgians’ funeral, but we should all be so lucky to have a friend that looks at us like this.


Show us your favorite photo of Beatrix & Sofía in the comments!


Spam a Gown – Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg’s 36th Birthday

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg is 36 today! In honor of the occasion, we are sending out the call to bring your favorite photo of one of her gowns forward. She has always done well with the evening occasion, and here is my favorite, where she takes my least liked precious stone – topaz – and makes it sing. Yes it’s another appearance from a Swedish wedding, and a good one.

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Hall of Fame – Duchess of Cornwall, Daywear

Thank you to our guest author and community member, Jane Maple, for this Hall of Fame entry! I think you will find it as witty and engaging as we did. (Note: photo of Jane Maple courtesy of Jane Maple. All other photos from Hello and Daily Mail.)

Jane’s Thesis

I love Camilla’s daywear for two quite different reasons.  First there’s the hats – giant concoctions of flowers, feathers and froof.  I love her hats; I wish I had a lifestyle that involved wearing hats, ‘cause I’d really try to give her a run for her Phillip Treacy.  When it comes to hats, Camilla is, for me, that unreachable star.

My other reason for loving her daywear is the complete opposite; it often seems so doable, even for someone who buys most of her clothes at thrift stores.  She’s a year older and several pounds lighter than I am, but I look at her outfits and can realistically see myself wearing something similar.

A case in point is this purple skirt and top which Cams has worn several times.  I looked at that and realized that I could pull something similar together .

Photo courtesy of Jane Maple


Even the outfits that I know I would have no reason to wear are still so elegant but achievable for other women her age.

I love her approach to hot weather dressing; wherever she is, she will probably be wearing a loose and comfortable but absolutely beautiful salwar kameez.  There have been many, but my favourite is this one she wore to the Hermitage Plantation House on March 21, 2019 during her visit to Saint Kitts and Nevis.

It was harder for me to pick a favourite of her day dresses/suits, possibly because I like most of them.  But, unsurprisingly, I chose this one that she wore to the annual tree trimming at Clarence House because… well… red.  And this is such a wonderful event, that I’m always predisposed to like what she wears to it.


But the one outfit Camilla wore this year that totally made me sit up and notice was this blue suit with the scalloped hem on the jacket that she wore on .  Uh may zing!

What kind of daywear do you like best on Camilla?
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Random Royaling – Family Resemblances

Thanks to several of our community members – and our hofdame extraordinaires LiL and LuckeyGirl – for suggesting this topic to enliven the dragging end of winter. It appears the rest of the royal internet has noticed the strong resemblance between Infanta Sofia and the younger Princess Irene of Greece, so you all who have been talking about it for years should pat yourselves on the back for going viral!

There are many examples of family genetics shining through generations, and we thought it might brighten a Monday to talk about them. Thank you to geogirl for providing the photos below to start us off. Is it Sarah or her doppelganger Beatrice? You tell us! And the Harry collage shows his genetic heritage from many sides.

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Here’s one we don’t talk about much but it’s there. The two Danish princes.

While we are on the topic of the Danes, here are Mary and her mini-mes ; ).

We are sure you have more! Bring them on.

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Winter wanders on…..let’s spread warmth with some royal news.


Did you miss some royal news last week? Check out Getty images for the week of February 10th. There is a lot we didn’t cover, including Prince Albert at the glitzy Hollywood Ocean do and Anne being, well, very Anne.


The Brits have been everywhere. Cams tried to give the Beefeaters at the Tower a run for their money, stylewise, with this complicated coat, while Charles inspected the family jewels.

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Sophie, as always, has a wardrobe that doesn’t excite me, but her work is flawless. She was great with the kids at The Shooting Star Chase Hospice.

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Kate visited Scotland (rewearing her excellent “Delaney” coat), sat in on the “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” podcast, and released a lovely new photo of Charlotte. Her husband stayed home in London, hosting the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund at St. James Palace.

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Several of the senior Japanese royals attended the Grand Prix Orchid and Flower show, which is an event I am very happy to learn exists. Princess Hisako stands out to me for her boucle suit and her very obvious enjoyment of the festivities.

The Netherlands

Does it surprise anyone that Princess Laurentien is game for a singalong? Tap your feet under your desk and sing along with her, “What the world needs now…..”

Meanwhile, what do we have here? Movie star or Max’s husband? You tell me.


Princess Victoria, carrying on a strong Swedish royal tradition, granted the wish of a child with a brain tumor, and it’s as touching as you would imagine. Royal Central has some further information on the event, which included an hour with the princess and a carriage ride through town.

Let’s End with a Different Classic Princess

Princess Alexandra opened St. Christopher’s hospice in 1967, when it was a new concept in health care. She has been patron since 1981 and has visited every year since 1982. Now that is commitment, and that is why royals remain relevant.

What did I miss?

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