Royal Inspirations

It’s the weekend, although with the lives we lead these days it probably doesn’t feel too different from the week, right? This post was inspired by a community member suggestion, and we think it will be a good way to while away a bit of weekend time when you need to get away from the family, or you have watched the Bernadotte documentary as much as you can for the moment.

The question is: how has royal watching inspired you? So we don’t go too far afield into personal discussion, we ask that you limit your answers to one of the following categories:

  • Places you have visited.
  • Books, music, and movies (all media) that you have read or listened to.
  • Things you have created.

I’ll start. My first royal inspiration falls into the category of media. Here is my royal book collection, or part of it. You can see I fall into the glossy, frivolous end of the reading spectrum.

In pursuit of royal history, I’ve visited Versailles, The Tower of London, Hampton Court, Alhambra, and my very favorite, Edinburgh Castle. As far as creations go, this blog is the biggie.

So what about you?


Glitter Giveaway-Queen Rania

Rania has been the Queen of Jordan since 1999. Over her Crown Princessing career and Queening career, she’s had some opportunities to display her jewels, but perhaps not as many occasions as her Western counterparts. As a reminder, I’ll focus on the tiaras here, but please do consider any type of jewel piece to enhance her collection. There are some great earrings on display here as well!

What jewelry would you like to give to Rania? What is she missing from her collection? Show us your suggestions in the comments and tell us why you’d give them to her!


“Kungliga smycken” – Bernadotte Jewels Documentary


I just watched 58 minutes of a documentary where I did not UNDERSTAND ONE WORD and remained totally riveted because the jewels are just so so beautiful. I encourage those non-Swedish speakers to do the same, particularly if you are a jewel lover. There are so many up close shots, and so many scenes of events we have seen (weddings, Nobel ceremonies) that will be fun to revisit.

A couple of notes before I leave this to our community and to those who understand this much better than I do. Silvia, Victoria and Christina all have much deeper voices than I expected. At approximately the 20 minute mark, the Swedish hairdresser comes in to show his magic, and it is mesmerizing. Immediately following are scenes of the Cameo at Victoria’s wedding, and the pure joy jumps off the screen. If you are a lover of late 18th and 19th century European portraiture, you are in for a treat. The Cut Steel? It’s amazing up close and it’s en tremblant – which I did not know.

If you are on Twitter, follow JR. He is unspooling information about the documentary bit by bit and he is always worth a listen.

If you are more of an Instagram person, Tiara a Day also has translated some of the documentary. Another great resource to follow for royal jewels!

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It’s here! Part I of the SVT special “Kungliga smycken” (Royal Jewelry) is now live. You can find the link in my bio. Part II will air April 9th and I’ll also link it when it arrives. . . . This special was really amazing, the history, the interviews with the SRF and just the sheer wattage of sparkle alone will take your breath away. I had never seen the Braganza that up close before and you really get a look into the exquisite craftsmanship that went into it. Another favorite of mine was the Cut Steel and the detail of that piece. I never knew the sides were “en tremblant” and how that added to its allure. The Cameo Parure also was a sight to see in all its glory. But my favorite had to be the Leutchenberg sapphire Parure. The gems were flawless and the diamond base was even more spectacular close up. The video of Queen Silvia walking with it on was truly a wonder. Leave me a comment below letting me know how you liked it or what your fav part was. . . . FYI: I’m sure if there will be a version with English subtitles, I know, bummer BUT I did hear that if you use the Google Chrome web browser it might translate for you. If not, then we’ll have to wait for someone to Youtube it with subtitles. #atiaraaday #Kungligasmycken #crownprincessvictoria #queensilvia #princesschristina #swedishroyalfamily #kungafamiljen #diamonds #sapphires #cameos #royalty #royaljewels #tiara #jewelry #history #monarchy

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Opening it up to our community to jump in with thoughts! We know you have them.

Belgium · Britain · Luxembourg · Netherlands · Norway

Royal Rooms, Part II

As long as the royals keep giving us glimpses into their private living arrangements, we’ll keep bringing them to you!


If this is how the Norwegians dine, I’m in. I am all about Scandinavian decorating, it seems. Ingrid Alexandra took the photo of the family sitting down to some chili con carne ; ). Not sure who cooked the dish, but maybe MM’s had her specs on to read the recipe.


Both Henri and MT give us a glimpse of a much more formal atmosphere. I like that feminine wallpaper, MT.

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D’Grande-Duchesse schafft an dëser Zäit vun hirem Büro vu Schlass Bierg aus. ⁣ Si ass a Kontakt mat deenen Associatiounen wou si d’Présidence oder den Haut Patronage huet wéi zum Beispill d’Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise oder d‘Association Nationale des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Luxembourg (ANIL). Hir Suerg gëlt awer och deenen Associatiounen déi sech em déi Persounen këmmeren, déi dacks um Rand vun der Gesellschaft stinn wéi d’Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte déi sech ëm Frae këmmert, déi Affer vun haislecher Gewalt sinn an d’Association Stëmm vun der Strooss, déi sech deene Mënschen unhëlt, déi keen Dach iwwert dem Kapp hunn. Iwwer de Kontakt mat den Direkteren vun den Altersheemer ass si och mat de Senioren am Land verbonnen. ⁣ ⁣ An dëser schwéirer Zäit, wou all Gedanken, all Wuert an all léiwe Geste wichteg sinn, ass d’Grande-Duchesse mat hirer Ënnerstëtzung bei deene Villen, déi all Dag mat groussem Engagement um Terrain schaffen.⁣ ________________________________________⁣ ⁣ S.A.R. la Grande-Duchesse continue à travailler depuis son bureau au château de Berg.⁣ Elle est en contact avec les associations dont elle a la présidence ou le haut patronage, notamment la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise et l’Association Nationale des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Luxembourg (ANIL), mais aussi avec les associations qui encadrent des personnes fragiles: les femmes victimes de violences conjugales à travers la Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte, les personnes sans domicile fixe avec l’association Stëmm vun der Strooss et les personnes seniors grâce au contact avec les directeurs de maisons de soins pour personnes âgées.⁣ ⁣ En cette période difficile où chaque pensée, chaque mot, chaque geste comptent, la Grande-Duchesse reste proche avec son soutien auprès de tous ceux qui se battent avec tant de dévouement chaque jour sur le terrain.

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Henri, on the other hand, has opted for a more manly background, complete with a lion stalking the sill.

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An dëser Zäit vu Confinement huet de Grand-Duc sech mat der Grande-Duchesse op d’Schlass Bierg zréckgezunn. Dat hält hien awer net dovunner of, sech zäitgläich iwwer d’Situatioun vun der Kris z’informéieren, mee och Courage ze maachen a seng Dankbarkeet auszedrécken. ⁣ ⁣ Dem Grand-Duc ass et dofir wichteg, am permanenten, deegleche Kontakt mat deene Mënschen ze sinn, déi och an dësen Deeg musse schaffen a sech mat aller Kraaft géint de COVID-19 asetzen oder d’Land um Lafen halen: Fleegepersonal, den öffentlechen Déngscht, d’Liewensmëttelbranche, d’Wirtschaftsakteuren, d’Berufskummeren, mee och karitativ Organisatiounen a Bénévoler.⁣ ⁣ D’Roll vun eis All, ob mir vir bäi stinn, aus der zweeter Reih hëllefen, oder eis einfach nëmmen un déi strikt Reegelen halen, ass an dëser Zäit vu gréisster Wichtegkeet.⁣ ⁣ _____________________________________________ ⁣ Confiné au château de Berg avec S.A.R. la Grande-Duchesse, S.A.R. le Grand-Duc est en contact quotidien avec l’ensemble des forces vives de la nation mobilisées dans la lutte contre le COVID-19: soignants, services publics, salariés des réseaux d’alimentation, acteurs économiques, chambres professionnelles, œuvres de bienfaisances, bénévoles.⁣ ⁣ Il s’agit de s’informer en temps réel comme d’encourager ou d’exprimer la profonde reconnaissance de notre population solidaire. ⁣ ⁣ Le rôle de chacun qu’il soit en première ligne, en deuxième ligne ou tout simplement en observant les règles strictes de confinement est essentiel.

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Charles took a look at his daughter-in-law’s book collection and said, well, I will show you a REAL library, my dear. Seriously, though, in my world all books are good. It’s nice to see the prince has recovered and has some kind words for those working so hard to keep society going.

Pulling back to see the family photos and the “wrapped in plastic since the Queen Mum’s era” decor.

The Netherlands

Another look at the DNA room (where the tilework (thanks to Artagnan and Marina) is said to depict the DNA strings of WAX and MAX), and of WAX standing the required six feet from his audience. I do like a tall man in a cutaway coat. If you would like more information on the DNA room, there is more information at the Jacob van der Beugel website. Thank you to community member Marina for this link.


Mercy, it’s been fun to follow Philippe around the palace, hasn’t it? He made use of another dining room table, and then, perhaps bored with that large workspace, pulled up a palace footstool as a makeshift desk.

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⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🧑⚕️ 👩⚕️ Echange par skype avec des médecins et infirmières ainsi qu’avec une pharmacienne et avec le responsable de la logistique de l’UCLouvain Saint-Luc à Woluwe. Merci pour votre dévouement !⁣⁣ —————⁣⁣ 👩⚕️ 🧑⚕️ Skypegesprek met artsen, verpleegkundigen, apotheker en logistiek manager van het Universitair ziekenhuis UCLouvain Saint-Luc te Woluwe. Dank voor jullie inzet!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ @cliniques_saint_luc #EnsembleContreCorona #SamenTegenCorona #GemeinsamGegenCorona #confinement #TogetherAgainstCorona #Corona #Covid_19 #COVID19BE #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #BelgianRoyalPalace #MonarchieBe⁣ ⁣ 📸 Royal Palace, Belgium⁣ 📸 CUSL/S.Wittebolle

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What is your favorite part of royal room gazing?

Match the Dress to the Designer (Updated!)

When you’re self-isolated, you fall down rabbit holes. I am revisiting my glory days, the eighties and nineties, and looking at photos of the most photographed woman of that period, Princess Diana.

The following dresses are (slightly) less well known, although there a couple that should be slam-dunks. Let’s see if you can match them to the designer. There may be more than one dress per designer, and the following designers are all represented:

  • Catherine Walker
  • The Emanuels
  • Victor Edelstein
  • Versace

Dress One

Catherine Walker, worn to the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1995. It was Lot 3 in the Christie’s dress auction, raising $77,300.00.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Two

Versace, worn to the Pavarotti concert in 1995.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Three

Edelstein, worn to the White House in 1985, for the famous dance with Travolta. It is a deep blue, not black, which I did not know!

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Four

Catherine Walker, worn to Cannes in 1987. Inspired by Grace Kelly, and sold as Lot 6 in the Christie’s auction, bringing in $70,000.00.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Five

Versace, worn in Sydney in 1996 to a benefit dinner.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Six

Emanuels, worn first in 1981 and several times therafter. She styled it with out without gloves, and with different treatments around the waist.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Seven

Catherine Walker Elvis dress, worn here in 1990 without the bolero.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Eight

This maternity gown is interesting. Diana is shown here at a 1984 visit to the Royal Academy of Arts, and per some sources this is a modified Edelstein gown. We are willing to be corrected if someone has different information.

Embed from Getty Images

Dress Nine

This dress (it’s not a gown, but a below the knee dress) was worn by Diana in 1981 to her first speech in Welsh, at Cardiff. She received a standing ovation. It is said to be designed by the Emanuels, but that information comes from Pinterest. I might be persuaded it was a Sassoon, because it has that look about it ; ).

Embed from Getty Images

All right – I’ve had my chance. Although I feel that you all will have these answers in a hot minute, we’ll see if we have managed to stump you. If you think you can trick us with an obscure Diana dress, post it in the comments.