Spam the Unique – Princess Eugenie’s 30th Birthday

It’s almost impossible for me to believe, but Princess Eugenie is turning 30 today. We know Eugenie likes to put the you in unique, right? She almost always has, at the least, one interesting accessory in every outfit. Some of her outfits can be described unique in every way, too.

Here she is at the last Ladies Day at Ascot, wearing a Bundle MacLaren “Elspeth” hat, which you can read more about at The Royal Hats blog. I love this look, which brings interest to her entire ensemble, and is a great color too.

Embed from Getty Images

Post your own unique Eugenie looks in the comments.


Spam an Evening Gown – Maria Teresa Turns 64

Maria Teresa is turning 64 years young today. We know how MT loves a good gala gown, and she has done them proud during her long career as the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Here Maria Teresa sparkles at the Dutch/Luxembourg State Visit in 2018.

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Share you own favorite Maria Teresa gown in the comments.


Random Royaling – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Visit National Ambulance Service

It’s an actual, genuine, royal lady pantsuit sighting. The Duchess is wearing a Marks & Spencer ensemble, per those who are in the know ; ).

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Kate and William met with the staff at the London Ambulance Service to thank them for their hard work. The staff has been been taking NHS 111 calls from the public.


Royal Good News – Daisy Makes a Dachshund

Since Royal Twitter is enjoying this, you should too. Daisy, who makes the best of everything, busies herself making a dachsund hat. All while flashing the fabulous royal jewels, of course.

(I have no idea if this is recent or not, I just know it’s truly worth watching). If you’re on Twitter, follow the fantastic Sammy.


Glitter Giveaway-Crown Princess Mary

Thanks to our very own Mrs. Diamond for this fabulous post idea! The aim of these posts is to give a needy royal something missing from his or her jewelry box. There are no limitations as to when and where these gifts may come from, so use your imagination! I’ll primarily feature tiaras worn, but any piece of jewelry is fair game.

Let’s get things started with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark!

She’s got a floral. She’s got her wedding tiara with and without pearl additions. She has access to the Midnight set. She’s recently acquired the Diamond Ruby & Spinel convertible.

What glitter do you give away to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and why? Show us photos of your choices in the comments.