Baguette Bookworms – Mette-Marit’s Literature Train

For the second year in a row, CP Mette-Marit had to get a bit creative with her annual “Literature Train” event. This year it was held each Thursday in March, via her Instagram account. She spoke to five of her favorite authors; from biographers to poets, and children’s authors to self help author/podcasters. Since it was an online event, and the internet being what it is, I was able to find loads of info on her first two presentations and virtually nothing on the second two. So instead of trying to recap, we’ll just look at my pretty screencaps. LOL.

Her first guest was biographer Alf van der Hagen. They discussed the art of interviewing others and turning those interviews into biographies.

Her second guest was American author and podcaster Cheryl Strayed. They discussed her books “Wild” and “Tiny Beautiful Things”, as well as her podcast, which M-M discovered while searching for things to listen to while she loomed.

Her third guest was poet Linn Ullmann, who left inspirational poems taped to posts and poles throughout Torshov park during the early days of the pandemic, to inspire and encourage her fellow Norwegians.  

And finally she spoke to children’s authors Ruth Lillegraven and Olaug Nilssen. They discussed publishing books during the pandemic and gave listeners some good reading tips for Easter.

While I couldn’t understand a word during three of the four interviews, I was very happy to see M-M looking so well rested and healthy.

Now let’s take a turn at our own Literature Train! What are some of your favorite books on royalty? We’ve had a lot of requests for a Book Recommendation Post, and this topic fits the bill! Drop your requests and referrals in the comments below!