Brit Brief

The British aren’t coming. They are here, there and everywhere. Jump in!

House of Cambridge

Ah, the lonely life an heir! When his glamorous wife does not appear with him he makes his rounds of duties without much fanfare. William, acting as barkeep, pulls a pint while officially opening Brains Brewery, before attending the Wales vs Ireland Six Nations Match.

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House of Wessex

Last week it was all Sophster, this week all Ed. He is out and about, doing his duty for Queen and Country, touring a building project at Fairfield Lounge.

House of Tindall

Baby Lena was christened! Since it was a private affair, not too many details were released, but there was good showing of royals and there were rumors that Harry was a godparent. The Queen, the Phillips family, Princess Anne, and the Sussex couple all attended. Word is that Meghan’s coat is vintage Dior, sourced by Williams Vintage. No word on what the baby wore ; ). Great shoes on Zara, and snazzy hat. Isla is rocking the red ruffles and Savannah has always known how to find the camera.

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House of Sussex

The Queen’s Canopy Free Tree Planting is one of my favorite projects of the Crown. The campaign emphasizes the importance of maintaining forestation, and the impact of trees on the environment. It was instituted in 2015, in all Commonwealth nations, as a living tribute to the Queen’s service.

Harry, solo and low key, attended a tree planting at St. Vincents Acton in support of this campaign. I admit sometimes I am not entirely fair to Harry, thinking that he cruises along and chooses only high profile projects, instead of mundane shopping mall openings and tree plantings. I must give credit where it is due here.

Harry and Meghan, as representatives of the Queen, signed the condolence book for the victims of the Christchurch massacre.

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House of Chatto and Linley

David Linley and Sarah Chatto hosted a table at the V&A to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mum) Trust. The trust provides funds for beekeepers, sculptors, silversmiths and other craftspeople. Thirty years ago, the Queen Mother paved the way for craftsman to become Royal Warrant Holders, and her grandchildren have circled around in her honor.


Cheltenham Races

The Cheltenham Races wound down, but not before Autumn and Peter made an appearance, looking totally cute together. Maybe it was the day away from the kids, but they looked like they were having a great giggle fest. Or maybe they were just chuffed over their matching hat brims.

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Another charming race appearance by the Tindalls, showing off their marvelous checks and cheekbones.

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Tomorrow we’ll take on the rest of the royals in the Royal Recap, but in the meantime, what’s your take on the Brits and their activities this week?

Until next week, cheers, all!