Brit Brief – Births!

So…..something happened this week. A new member has been welcomed into the British royal family. Yes, the Sussexes did it “their way”, but there is actually a long Windsor tradition of releasing photos a few days to a month after birth, allowing a few private days before greeting the world.

In celebration, we look back some of the early photos of the new family members leading up to the most recent addition.

New Iconic Photo

As I said on Twitter, this one is going to be iconic, but the shallow part of me is just obsessed with the small bit of Doria’s dress that we can see.

Embed from Getty Images

Duke of Windsor

The famous “Four Generations” photo, with The future Duke of Windsor as the center of attention. Queen Victoria holds him, and the future Kings Edward VII and George V stand by, as men did then ; ).

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Elizabeth II

The Duchess of York and her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, in May 1926. It looks as if the two future Queens are having a word with each other.

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles, at one month, peers out at the world. His mother, then Princess Elizabeth, looks pretty chuffed about her handsome son.

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Prince Harry

The new royal father himself, eyes firmly shut against the world, getting a ride in his mother’s arms. One day old, and already facing the press!

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Harry, Meghan and Bambino

The new dad was excited, wasn’t he? Vintage Harry, that appearance. Britain and the rest of the world celebrated with him in various ways.

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The newest member of the family poses for a photo with his mom and dad in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle. Cute bundle, historic location, and happy parents – who can argue with any of that?

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You know you want to speculate on names for the new arrival – so have at it below. My contribution is David Philip Charles – I know, all very standard, but I think David is about ready to make a royal comeback. The others I just happen to like, for sentimental reasons!