Brit Brief Open Post – Garden Party!

Hats! Florals! Pastels! Pleats! It is the third annual Buck House Garden Party of the season. I don’t know about you but the fact that there have been three already floors me. It’s still cold here, for heaven sakes.

We know the star of the show will be extensively covered elsewhere so I’ll just drop her in here with a quick “she is lovely in pink, isn’t she?” Always good to see the City of London Lily Brooch, too!

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We are making this an open post because I can’t possibly list everyone who was there*. We did get to see both Bea and Eug, in pastels, pleats and florals, as I mentioned earlier. I think the shape of Bea’s dress is particularly flattering to her, and knock me over with a feather, I actually *like* this floral. They say it’s by The Vampire’s Wife, which makes me giggle. All right, maybe it’s a tad autumnal, but still. Eug brings the spring with her Sandro pink pleats, though. Hey there, DoGlo, sneaking in without your beanie!

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Prince Harry was there, in a top hat and carrying his brolly. What can I say? I love a man in a top hat, particularly a tall man.

*Actually, I can list all the royals who were to attend, even though I don’t have photos. Please add them to the comments as you come across them:
The Queen
Prince Harry
Princess Beatrice
Princess Eugenie
Duke & Duchess of Gloucester
Duke of Kent
Prince & Princess Michael of Kent