Brit Brief – Wimbledon Appearances

If you want to bone up on the history of the royal family and Wimbledon, check out this TIme Magazine supplied by our own geogirl. The Standard also has a comprehensive 87 page slide deck of various royal appearances, if you have the time and inclination. However, if you just want to hit the high points, we have condensed the best of the best for you here – at least how we see it! We’ll leave this post open for you to attach any images from Wimbledon 2019 that take your fancy.

Queen Mary did NOT dress down for any sporting event, and certainly not for the Wimbledon finals of 1926. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
The Duke of York participated in the 1926 tournament, an experiment he did not repeat. He does hold the honor of being the only British royal to do so. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Here is a bit of fabulous history! Princesses Juliana and Ingrid attending the 1933 tournament. I am fascinated by Juliana’s fun footwear. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Queen Victoria of Spain – in all season fur – visits with the very beautiful Helen Wills Moody, eight time champion, in 1938.
Her Majesty congratulates Darlene Hard and the one and only Althea Gibson in 1957. Getty Images.
Princess Anne brought Carnaby Street right on to the court in 1969. Getty Images.
Princess Alexandra in gloves and metallic strapped shoes in 1971. And a turban! And Evonne Goolagong!
Do you recognize these children at the 2001 tournament?

Let us know who you see in 2019 below!