Spam Anything – Cambridge Wedding

Tomorrow is the big anniversary, ten years since many royal watchers were gathered around their television set, pre-dawn, watching the wedding of the decade. Ten years since Catherine Middleton wed Prince William and much of the royal-watching world saw a future Queen walk down the aisle. We’ll take a deep dive on the dress (and designer) of Kate Middleton’s gown tomorrow, but today let’s look at the other folks at the wedding. Guests. Participants. Officiants. Spam your favorite anyone. In fact, we’ll throw in inanimate objects to make it more interesting – so if the trees in the Abbey knocked your socks off – spam them.

The Hofdames will start your spammin’!

The Bag – Mercy. ROYALTY WAS IN THE HOUSE. Queen Maxima thinking “What is this? No tiaras at a wedding?” and then sneaking in head bling in the form of stars on her turban is my wedding win. Seriously, Max, never change. I know you never will.

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My second spam – because I can’t help myself – is the expressive Grace Van Cutsem who most certainly did not enjoy the noise on the balcony. Legend.

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LiL – Princess, now Queen Letizia. Gorgeous for the entire event. The wedding was my reintroduction to royalty, and I was instantly smitten. And a bit surprised that she dressed so “blah” at home in Spain. But then all was explained to me, and once she started queening…*chef’s kiss*

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Hey! If she gets two, I do too! “TREES IN THE ABBEY!!” was my battle cry for the majority of the lead up to, and the day of, the wedding. And okay, maybe I actually did three. Because Mike.

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LG: Well now…this is going to be fun!

Let’s not forget how good Vickan looked at this wedding…yes, there are some weird fit issues around the waist, and even I’m ignoring those shoes. And hey there Daniel!

And second up (hey, if they get 2 so do I…) is one of the most scrutinized points of any royal wedding, the curtsey.

OC: I’m sure it comes as no surprise that one of my picks is jewelry! I love, love, love the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding earrings, a gift from her parents. Using a piece of the Middleton coat of arms, acorns made of diamonds only added to the nature vibe in the Abbey. They are petite and sized to match proportionately with the tiara of the day, yet are sizable enough to be enjoyed from afar. Nicely done.

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My second pick goes to the Mother of the Bride. Hey gurrl, heyyyyyyyyyy! Way to hold your own on the sartorial world stage.

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Let’s help them celebrate. Throw it all out there for the world to see! Anything is fair game although remember tomorrow is Designer Diary Thursday and a certain wedding gown will be under scrutiny then. You may want to hold your fire on that one.