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Random Royaling – Dutch State Visit to Austria (Updated Day Three)

Hofdame Note: There is a lot to look at today! We are lucky to have two hofdame contributors working feverishly behind the scenes. Our Hofdude Triple A contributed some much-needed background on Queen Maxima's jewels in this post, and our Baguette Iselen has been updating the NATO summit post, which is stickied on the front… Continue reading Random Royaling – Dutch State Visit to Austria (Updated Day Three)

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Last week was glittery around here, and boy did we all need it. The good news this week is that the royals are back on full working calendars, so lots to talk about. The bad news is that there are no movie premieres or weddings scheduled (although we do have a Greek marriage ceremony to… Continue reading Hofdame Bits and Bobs

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The Lobanoff Tiara

The Lobanoff Tiara is a new tiara for this writer and I haven't been able to find much information about it. Let's take a look at a few of the basic facts. According to the blog Gods and Foolish Grandeur, Princess Vera Nikolaievna Lobanov Rostovsky lived in the area now known as Cannes, France… Continue reading The Lobanoff Tiara

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Royal Wedding Gowns – Dramatic Coats and Wraps

You may want to put your feet up for this entry. When I started, I had forgotten there were so many coat wedding dresses in royal-land, but as you will see, even leaving off those we have covered in other categories, it's a long list. So long that I have divided it into three posts:… Continue reading Royal Wedding Gowns – Dramatic Coats and Wraps

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ROYGBIV—Green Jewels

Happy Thursday friends! It's time for another edition of ROYGBIV and today we are talking about green jewels. For a refresher on jewels already discussed, feel free to take a look back at Red jewels, Orange jewels, and Yellow jewels. Netherlands This emerald egg has a beautiful color, and I nearly fell over when Maxima… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Green Jewels