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Random Royal Rotogravure

Talk about born to rule, even if it was only for a brief time. Marie-José of Belgium serves #frockingfabulous sass! When she wasn’t being a mood, she found time to be the last Queen of Italy, for just 34 days.— Catherine Curzon (@MadameGilflurt) October 3, 2021 Post your sassy royal photos in the comments.… Continue reading Random Royal Rotogravure

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Spam the Hemline – Tea-Length and Intermission

Tea Length - A hem length falling below mid-calf and above the ankle, typically three to four inches above the ankle.Merriam-Webster The definition of tea-length and midi can get mighty close, although it appears the general consensus is that tea-length is a bit longer, and often more dressy. A midi, by definition, is closer to… Continue reading Spam the Hemline – Tea-Length and Intermission