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Pop Quiz – Five Degrees of Royal Bridesmaids

Thank you to our community member Mitten Mary for this post! Answers have now been added. I've been playing a game I call "Five Degrees of Royal Bridesmaids." Fill in the blanks for us! Zara Phillips was bridesmaid for Sarah Chatto.Sarah was bridesmaid for Princess Anne.Princess Anne was bridesmaid for Princess Alexandra.Alexandra was bridesmaid for… Continue reading Pop Quiz – Five Degrees of Royal Bridesmaids

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Generations photos

I really enjoy looking at generations photos, which is loosely defined for our purposes as a photo of royals in a direct line of relation. Let's explore a few today. I've made an attempt at listing family members in order from oldest to youngest in the captions. Britain Mary and Charles Victoria, Edward VII, George… Continue reading Generations photos

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Brothers and Sisters

Ahhhh, siblings. They can be our best friends, our worst enemies, and somehow both of those things at the same time. Let's take a look at some royal brother and sister sets, shall we? Be sure to scroll through each slideshow for some fun. Britain Charles & AnneEdward VIII, George VI, Mary, Henry, George, and… Continue reading Brothers and Sisters

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Royal Rock Retrospective—The Greek Ruby Parure

The Greek royal family is in possession of a solid ruby parure. It came into the family via the country's first queen, Olga. She was from Russia originally, and the pigeon blood rubies are thought to have been purchased from Russia. Olga's husband King George had the stones set in a classic Greek style of… Continue reading Royal Rock Retrospective—The Greek Ruby Parure