Random Royaling – Naruhito and Masako

The Emperor and Empress visited the National Rehabilitation Center for People with Disabilities in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. This is an important place in the life of the Japanese. It is the only facility in the country that provides medical care and employment training to people with disabilities on a consistent basis.

I am enjoying this hat departure on Masako, and the deep wine color. I would love to see her default to a brim more often, and the lapel and hatband coordination is a wonderful touch. I also detect a hint of spousal coordination.

What do you think of Masako’s wild hattery?

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Royal watching got even more complicated this week. We’ll go over the extraordinary first, and then head into the mundane (which is still pretty exciting).

Changes and Controversy

First up, the Sussexes. Yes, even though they won’t be working royals we will still feature them occasionally. We aren’t currently covering each new release of information because, frankly, it is controversial, and it has the potential to take us far from our drama-free mission. Going forward, we will treat the Sussexes like the other British non-working royals. We’ll cover the clothes at their individual events – Invictus, etc., – and definitely give their ensembles a once-over when they appear with the rest of the Windsors at family events.

In Luxembourg the Waringo Report will be released in a few weeks, and it has the potential to significantly change things up in the Ducal household. You can find more information at the link, but we ask that we keep gossip about it off the blog. It, too, has the potential for great controversy. In the meantime, we’ll focus on more happy news out of the Cour, including new tiara surprises, how good the hereditary Grand Duchess has been looking, and the upcoming birth of the heir.

A hat tip to Lesleyc for this next bit of intriguing royal news. The erstwhile Italian royals (the monarchy was abolished in Italy in 1946) are battling the question of absolute primogeniture between two branches of the family. My writing skills are not nearly good enough to describe the various branches of the House of Savoy and their positions on the matter, but this article in The Telegraph details it in all its colorful glory. If anyone can clarify further in the comments, please do!

Manners from Marie-Chantal

Marie-Chantal has carved a bit of a career for herself out of high-end child rearing. She started by selling classic kid clothes and now she is dipping her toe into publishing. She has a book out on manners, and I have a bit of curiousity about how the really rich approach this topic. If it happens to cross your path, let us know what you think of it!


The theme for the January 16th poetry reading was hope, and I think we can all get behind that message. I was particularly touched by the Empress’ poem, and my sartorial side was intrigued by her single lapel dress. You can read all the poems here.


The circus came to Monaco, as it does yearly, and we have COLOR IN THE ROOM. On day one, I liked Stephanie’s coat and one shoulder orange-red dress very much, and her daughter Pauline Ducruet wore a flowing dress I would classify as interesting on anyone else, but she looks chic.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

On day two, mother and both daughters (Camille Gotlieb joined the fray, in lavender and BIG sleeves) appeared as a trio. I like the black on Stephanie, and the girls are looking pretty snazzy without being ridiculous. Ok, maybe the big sleeves are a tad…..absurd.

Embed from Getty Images

Day three! I think this is among the best ever of Stephco’s ensembles. The chic black and white works with her own high contrast coloring, and I am seeing something Char-like in Pauline’s ensemble, in a good way.

Embed from Getty Images

Day four brought another good outfit from Steph (all our Stephanies are doing SO WELL, sniff). Love the color, and she is altogther well-pulled together. Pauline looks cute and funky.

Embed from Getty Images


I wanted to end with Benedikte, but I couldn’t find anything recent for her, so we’ll end with her great nephew instead. Prince Nikolai of Denmark continues his modeling career, and I thought his runway appearance might send you off to your week in a good mood.

What did I miss?

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Open Post – New Year’s Levees and Receptions

I am slowly coming out of the fog of my New Year’s Eve celebrations – although I didn’t even make it to midnight! – but a Happy New Year and a happy new decade of royal watching to the entire community. Photos have started coming in from Japan and we’ll get them up asap, but I am searching for a live link for Denmark (found, see below for times and links).

In the meantime, the usual drill applies here. It’s open for both the Japanese and Danish celebrations, and if the thread doesn’t get too long we’ll keep it open for the next two nights in Denmark, too. We’ll play that by ear.


The family appeared for the New Year’s greetings in photos and a video released earlier today. The Sparkle Sisters, Mako and Kako, stepped away from the pastels and into some more satured color suits, and just look at Aiko beaming in the middle.

Oh, be still my heart! The Emperor and Empress Emeritus, looking well and exuding the elegance of the world’s poshest retirees!

The entire family group. I just love Masako, glowing gently in the center. That suit is so perfect for her. Kiko is also looking elegant.

For today’s reception, the Empress in the Meiji Scroll tiara. I just re-read the entry at OoS and now wish to see this someday in the star incarnation. Her earrings are no slouches, either. A video of the reception can be found here.

Kiko in the Scroll tiara.

Prisma on Twitter has been finding early photos of the Japanese receptions. As is typical, the women are representing in the light cream and white shades, but all that gentle sparkle on their heads is working well for my tired, early morning eyes.


Thanks to Milou, we now have a link for the Danish festivities: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/kanal/20875 and thanks to JR on Twitter we also have a backup link: https://www.billedbladet.dk/ . If you missed it all, and would like to re-watch, Milou has provided a link.

First up, the Queen, as it should be. Ah, Margrethe. As I mentioned in the comments, I can see the Yeti pelt a mile away. That dress underneath is a lovely, sparkly, liquid green, and I like the slim silhouette. It’s a nice change-up from the ballgowns, and the Emerald and Diamond crown jewels fancy it all up to proper levels. I was a bit worred about her back, because she seemed hesitant while walking in the videos.

Both Mary and Marie wore repeats, and both are re-worked maternity gowns. Mary wore her oft-repeated (by my count, this is the fourth wearing) Birgit Hallstein gown. It’s a workhorse for a reason. Look how it stands up to the orders and gew gaws and the Ruby parure. Marie is wearing her re-worked Henrik Hviid gown, which we were just discussing – so we must be clairvoyant or something.

Speaking of Marie, why yes, the Order chain can touch skin. Let’s add that to our “royal myths busted” folder. Also, you can’t see it here but both women wore hair bling WITH tiaras, which makes them heroes in my eyes.

Lest you think I overlooked someone, here is my big, big win for the night. Benedikte has not been to this even recently and boy, oh boy, did we miss her. She simply slayed it tonight. She didn’t just enter the event, she knocked it down and walked right over it. Regal purple in velvet? Sign me up! A big “pearly” necklace and the Order of the Elephant? The Star and Pearl tiara? Bow down everyone, this woman is simply the most consistently royal royal in action today.

Here is a lovely video about the royal house setting up for the levee: http://kongehuset.dk/menu/foto–video/video-et-nytarstaffel-bliver-til a

Please check out the arrival video. Sometimes you have to see this stuff in action, and there are some good shots of the tiaras sparkling and the gowns a-flowing.

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Community Bits and Bobs

We are turning it over to you for the next two weeks! Remember our Comment Policy, and have fun!

Christmas Day Appearances

Other than British royals, we sometimes see the Danes and Norwegians headed to services on Christmas Day.

Scheduled Christmas Speeches

The schedule below is based on previous year’s events, and so it remains tentative. We’ll update as information becomes available.

Christmas Eve, December 24

  • Belgium, given by King Philippe 
  • Spain, given by King Felipe
  • Luxembourg, given by Grand Duke Henri

Christmas Day, December 25

New Years Eve, December 31

  • Denmark, given by Queen Margrethe
  • Monaco, given by Prince Albert of Monaco
  • Norway, given by King Harald

New Year’s Levees and Events


  • January 1st – New Year’s Day Banquet at Christian VII’s Palace, Amalienborg, 7:30 p.m. local time
  • January 2nd – New Year’s Receptions for Supreme Court judges, the Royal Guard and Regiments Officer Corps at Christian VII’s Palace
  • January 3rd – New Year’s Reception for the military, patronages, and other leaders, at Christiansborg Palace



Random Royaling – Mako, Kako and Hisako

Princesses Mako and Kako made dual appearance at the Shinhama Kamoba Imperial Wild Duck Preserve. There is an annual “duck netting” event held at the location, and many foreign delegates, including ambassadors, were in attendance. Duck netting is somewhat exclusive to Japan, and I profess not to understand it even after reading the Wiki entry. It seems that the ducks aren’t harmed, so we can all go on in relief and admire the ensembles of the Sparkle Sisters below.

Here is a video of the event, for those who want to parse out what it entails.

Finally, here is a bit more information on how the data that is captured is used for research.

Princess Hisako made one of her usual lively appearances at the Ikebana International Fair, to support victims of the recent rains in Japan. Love the kimono, of course, but I love her general cheeriness even more. Thanks to Prisma, on Twitter, for the updates on this event.

Work goes on in the Imperial Family, even after all the enthronement activities have faded. Let us know what you think of the events! I am fascinated by duck netting now, myself.