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Random Royaling – Florals and Prints

I like them. Either I have been worn down or these are just good prints. Felipe and Letizia continue their tour around the country. In Majorca, Letizia wore a print dress by Maje, and another pair of lace up shoes by Mint and Rose. She accessorized with a nice tan, of which I am envious.… Continue reading Random Royaling – Florals and Prints

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Battle of the Tiaras – Star Edition

And here we are again...time for a Battle. Side note: anyone remember Celebrity Deathmatch from MTV in the 90s? For some reason this reminds me of that...without the death or bad claymation... As The Handbag suggested over on the Japanese Abdication post we are going to put some star tiaras up against each other. Máxima's… Continue reading Battle of the Tiaras – Star Edition


Glitter Giveaway-Princess Takamado

Hisako, Princess Takamado is the current Japanese Emperor's first cousin, once removed by marriage. She has a large public life and is often seen representing the family at various Japanese and world events. This princess has huge brooch game. But this, this absolutely stunning brooch is the fairest of them all. It takes my breath… Continue reading Glitter Giveaway-Princess Takamado