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Quick Quiz – Tiaras, Heirs and Descendants Answers

We keep saying that it’s our Community that provides the backbone to this blog. In an often fact-free royal internet world, the people who comment here are the exception. You proved it by acing the Tiaras, Heirs and Descendants quiz.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Royaling – Our Swedish Handbaggers are royal experts. Mrs. Diamond correctly named all the tiaras, heirs and descendants of Queen Victoria in the photo. Extra extra credit to her for Gunilla Bernadotte’s tiara identification.

Extra Credit – Triple Duchess named all of the above, and all the descendants of Christian IX. Bravo to her for “knowing her royal stuff”!

Fun Fact – Of the European royals in the photo, only the Dutch royal family and the Monaco princely families do not have descendants from either Victoria or Christian.

  • Tiaras 
    • Sonja of Norway: Emerald
    • Mette-Marit of Norway: Pearl (small version)
    • Christina of Sweden: Six Button
    • Letitia of Spain: Mellerio Floral
    • Beatrix of the Netherlands: Mellerio Ruby (suspension bridge)
    • Desirée of Sweden: Napoleonic Amethysts
    • Paola of Belgium: Queen Elisabeth’s Art Deco Bandeau
    • Birgitta of Sweden: Nine Prong
    • Margaretha of Sweden: Aquamarine Kokoshnik
    • Madeleine of Sweden: Connaught Forget-Me-Not
    • Gunilla Bernadotte: Lily-of-the-Valley Diamond and Pearl Tiara
    • Victoria: Cameo
    • Benedikte of Denmark: Berleburg Fringe
    • Rania of Jordan: Boucheron Bracelet
    • Silvia: Braganca
    • Mary of Denmark: Ruby Parure
    • Anne-Marie of Greece and Denmark: Ruby Olive Wreath
    • Marie-Thérèse of Luxembourg: Empire
    • Máxima of the Netherlands: Diamond Bandeau
    • Margrethe of Denmark: Pearl Poire tiara
    • Mathilde of Belgium: Laurel Wreath
    • Sofia of Spain: Mellerio Shell
  • Heirs
    • Victoria, Haakon, Frederik, Felipe, Naruhito, Guillaume, Willem-Alexander, Philippe (Bonus second-in-line heirs: Catharina-Amalia, Ingrid Alexandra, and Christian)
  • Descendants of Victoria
    • Sweden: Carl Gustaf and his sisters Margaretha, Desirée, Birgitta, and Christina, Victoria, Madeleine, Carl Philip, and Carl Johan Bernadotte
    • Denmark: Margrethe, Frederik, Christian, Anne-Marie, and Benedikte
    • Norway: Harald, Haakon, Ingrid Alexandra
    • Spain: Sofia, Felipe
    • Greece: Konstantin
  • Descendants of Christian IX
    • Denmark: Margrethe, Frederik, Christian, Anne-Marie, and Benedikte
    • Belgium: Philippe, Albert
    • Norway: Harald, Haakon, Ingrid Alexandra
    • Spain: Sofia, Felipe
    • Greece: Konstantin
    • Luxembourg: Henri
  • Descendants of both Christian IX and Victoria
    • Denmark: Margrethe, Frederik, Christian, Anne-Marie, and Benedikte
    • Norway: Harald, Haakon, Ingrid Alexandra
    • Spain: Sofia, Felipe
    • Greece: Konstantin

Thanks for playing. Yes, it hurt our brains a little bit, too! Any corrections or changes are welcome.


Random Royaling – Rania

Queen Rania rode the purple wave into the opening for the fourth ordinary parliament session in Jordan. She looked good, too. There is enough of a nod to traditional Jordanian dress here to make her look her comfortable self. The dress is by Ellery, the bag is Givenchy and the belt – which makes the ensemble, in my opinion – is by Etro.

Embed from Getty Images

More information about the event, including photos of the King, are at Queen Rania’s Closet. I encourage you, if you have the time, to read The King’s speech.

King Abdullah’s mother, Princess Mona (Muna), was also in attendance. She is to the right of Rania. It’s the first time I have seen this lovely woman, and I wonder why I have been so remiss.

Embed from Getty Images

How do you feel about Rania-in-purple?

Japan · Jordan · Lesotho

Random Royaling – Colorful Clothing from Lesotho, Japan and Jordan

Note: Due to some scheduling difficulties, the Hall of Fame post on Princess Margaret is scheduled for next week. We did update the Maxima post with her outfit from yesterday, which is a must see.

It’s been raining here for three days and my rain gauge says 4 inches have fallen. It’s getting colder, the six month winter gloom is starting to set in, and, to top it off, starting this weekend it will be dark from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Can you tell I need a shot of colorful clothes worn by beautiful people? In sunny places? I do – let’s go.

A couple of weeks ago in Bits and Bobs, I posted a photo of Princess Senate Seesio of Lesotho, wearing a tiara on her 18th birthday. She has also posted a series of photos from her birthday photo shoot, and I am in love with the blue dress. Also, for those of you who despair of the younger set ever taking up brooches, please note what is pinned to her shoulder.

The princess and her mother, Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso, posed for a photo on South Africa Heritage Day, held on September 24. It’s an interesting holiday, which is almost unknown in the U.S. The Queen and Princess are wearing traditional basotho blankets in beautiful colors.

Queen Rania is a consistent supporter of agricultural initiatives and, in particular, woman in farming. Recently, she visited the Kufrsoum Agricultural Cooperative Association of Pomegranate Producers. She wore a beautiful black dress, decorated with triangles, traditional in Northern Jordan. She has worn this shawl before, but this time I noticed that it is similar to the ones the women at the co-op are wearing. Maybe one of our community – ahem, Jane Maple – can tell us if it’s a traditional shawl from the region. More at Queen Rania’s Closet.

At the fourth court banquet for the Japanese Emperor’s enthronement, the Empress and princesses wore traditional kimonos. I love what the evening light does for these garments and in particular love the patterns on Princesses Tsuguko and Yoko.

Anyone who is on Twitter, and interested in the Japanese royals, should definitely follow Prisma. She replied to Wendy’s question with some beautiful photos.

Hope the color was what you needed, as well!

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Random Royaling – The Royals Converge…

….in New York City. Although primarily at the UN, they were found at events all over the city. Fortunately for us, there were many meetups and intersections.

Rania spoke onstage at the 3rd annual Concordia Summit, covering a range of contemporary issues close to her heart. Rania’s Closet has details of the speech and some good close-ups of her ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images

She and her son, the Crown Prince, accompanied King Abdullah during his speech to the General Assembly. Abdullah met with Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechenstein and, later, Prince Haakon, to talk about sustainability goals.

Embed from Getty Images

Maxima covered a lot of ground in her old stomping grounds this week. She attended the Bloomberg Global Business Forum and sported an eye-popping brooch. If anyone, (cough Triple A cough), can identify it, that would be terrific.

Embed from Getty Images

She also accompanied her husband while he spoke at the UN General Assembly. The King addressed climate change and other global issues.

Embed from Getty Images

Mathilde was another one that was simply everywhere. She stepped out in both a patterned Erdem and another Carolina Herrera. Both are lovely, but I award bonus points to the Herrera for its utter richness.

Any NYC area Handbaggers run into any royals? It almost seems as if you would be tripping over them!

Denmark · Jordan · Spain

Random Royaling – Royals in Red

A couple of our favorite Queen consorts and our Poppins Princess stepped out in red lately, albeit all in very different styles. I must say they all wear it well.

Queen Rania visited a group of women from Balqawi tribes in Amman. The Queen discussed women’s pivotal role in Jordanian society, including their contributions to various industries and the country’s development. This shade is so beautiful on her, and I feel she always does well in her adaptations of traditional Jordanian style.

Queen Letizia and King Felipe attended the Spanish Basketball National Selection at Zarzuela Palace. It’s a good thing Leti went with a bold choice of red. She needed to stand out in the sea of tall men!

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Mary addressed the 69th session of the WHO Regional Committee For Europe . The UFO NoMore blog has identified her ensemble as her Ole Yde Jana jacket with a repeated red dress from 2017, accessorized with her Gianvito Ross python pumps.

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Tidligere i dag deltog og talte H.K.H. Kronprinsessen som protektor ved åbningen af WHO’s 69. regionalkomitémøde for Europa i FN-byen i København. På mødet var der fokus på fremskridt og erfaringer fra Health 2020, der er en langsigtet strategi for Europas folkesundhedsarbejde. Herudover diskuterede deltagerne fremme af sundhedsmæssig ligestilling, forbedring af sundhedskompetencer samt anvendelse af organisatorisk og teknologisk innovation til at styrke det primære sundhedsvæsen. I sin tale sagde Hendes Kongelige Højhed blandt andet: “It is unacceptable that babies born in households and neighbourhoods with low levels of resources fail to thrive. It is intolerable that poverty, unsafe homes, social isolation, precarious work and limited access to quality, affordable health services shorten people’s lives. It is a tragedy that exposure to such inequalities can shorten a woman’s life expectancy by up to 7 years, and men’s by up to 15. 15 years – so much experience, opportunity, wisdom, laughter, love – cut short.” Hendes Kongelige Højhed blev modtaget af WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab og WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 📸 WHO ©

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What do you say about all the royal redness?