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Claim That Chapeau!

Today we are going to climb through the hat wing of our ladies’ closets and borrow some items for us to wear. It’s a fun category and we’ll have a runner up and a winner for each Hofdame.

Orange Chia

OC: I confess I’ve thought about my entries a bit more than anticipated. I love Sophie Wessex’s lattice style hat both for its non-traditional royal hattery and that it is convertible with different accents. I love many of the Tindall crazies and even quite a few of Beatrice & Eugenie’s adventures. I know I’d get the most wear out of Maxima’s Carmen San Diego hats. However, my choices for today’s post are each from the closet of royals I don’t typically admire on a daily basis.

First, I’ll take a dip into Camilla’s hat wing for my runner up. Big Pink from Ascot 2009 still takes my breath away. It is very much the lady wearing it, both in color and style.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Letizia’s closet holds my winner, unbelievably. She wore this creation to King Willem Alexander’s inauguration in 2013 (how has it been that long already!?) and it was a statement. I love this hat for quite a few reasons. It’s a huge departure for the lady, both in color and style and worth a second look if only to figure out how it is attached and upright. A surprising topper to a lovely ensemble. It’s tricky for sure, but long live The Clam!

The Handbag

The Handbag – My runner up is a black and white explosion on the world’s greatest hat wearer (who maybe shares this honor with Cams).

Embed from Getty Images

I had to go again with one of the Hats of Haya as my winner. It’s not likely we’ll see her at Ascot again, so I would nab this beauty because, well, it’s a beauty. If you are going to hat it up, hat it up BIG.

Luckey Girl

LG: Runner Up – Zara Phillips at Chaz and Cams civil wedding. This is pretty much the perfect fedora and looks fabulous on her.

Winner – I’ll be sneaking into Kate’s closet again, this time for the Potato Chip hat from Zara and Mike’s wedding in 2011.


LiL: Runner up goes to this one. No, not Sad Sack Sophie! That divine hat behind her! Silvia doesn’t usually wear the BIG ONES, and this looks great on her. Gimme!

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And First Place goes to this one. LiL loves her a Big Hat with a Fancy Doodad, and Mary wears them with panache.

Embed from Getty Images

Who’s hats appeal to you the most? Which piece would you get the most wear out of and why? What fancy hat suits you just because? Show us ALL of your favorites in the comments and tell us why they belong in your hat wing.

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Random Royaling – Royal Blues

May 25th was Jordan’s 74th Independence Day, commemorating the end of British rule, and the declaration of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The King, Queen and Crown Prince all appeared at the ceremonies. Fortunately for us, the very good looking family all sported shades of blue and white. Rania, as usual, is at her best when wearing versions of traditional dress.

The King and Queen also made calls to both the children and caregivers at Dar-Al- Hanan orphanage. I think Rania’s shirt is a deep navy, but I admit is Abdullah in his sharp blue who catches my eye here.

This compilation video doesn’t follow the blue and white theme all the way through, but it was so lovely that I felt it should be included. Rania obviously has a rapport with her public.

Princess Laurentien had a birthday, 54 years young, and she appeared in a bright blue and white blouse that just makes me happy. Happy birthday, madame.

Would someone join me in imploring the Earl and Countess of Wessex in getting their own social media feeds? I feel we miss so many of their events. Sophie and Ed helped the community start Ramadan by joining them to pack food parcels for those self-isolating. Sophie is wearing a pure blue flowy shirt, and I sure would like to see more of it. And her good works.

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Today marks the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid celebrations for Muslims across the world. #EidMubarak • The Earl and Countess of Wessex were pleased to join volunteers at @shahjahanmosque on Thursday, where they helped pack food parcels. Ramadan has been very different this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, however these challenges have not stopped communities coming together to help those in need. The Woking Mosque is running a 24-hour service offering food parcels to those self-isolating, NHS workers and families in need of support. Donations from the Mosque, local churches and supermarkets are keeping the service going, with people of all faiths coming together to volunteer – so far the initiative has helped over 400 local households. Visit our YouTube channel (link in story) to watch an #Eid message from the Earl and Countess.

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Although there still aren’t enough events of interest to start up Bits and Bobs, we’ll sticky this post for people to add information as it happens throughout the week. Hope all the blue made your Tuesday better!


Glitter Giveaway-Queen Rania

Rania has been the Queen of Jordan since 1999. Over her Crown Princessing career and Queening career, she’s had some opportunities to display her jewels, but perhaps not as many occasions as her Western counterparts. As a reminder, I’ll focus on the tiaras here, but please do consider any type of jewel piece to enhance her collection. There are some great earrings on display here as well!

What jewelry would you like to give to Rania? What is she missing from her collection? Show us your suggestions in the comments and tell us why you’d give them to her!

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We’ve explored Brothers & Sisters so now let’s spend some of our time looking at some sisters only photos. I’ll get you going with some examples and then you can show us your favorites in the comments!


I mean, these three ladies come right to mind, don’t they? Anne Marie, Margrethe and Benedikte on a beautiful day.


The charming Haga Princesses in another example of family matching. Here we have Birgitta, Desiree, Margaretha and Christina before their little brother came along.

Google images


Margaret and Patricia, the Connaught sisters, circa 1906.

National Gallery


Iman and Salma in a lovely photo with their mother.

Emirates Woman


And from a Prinjesdag long ago, we have Beatrix, Irene, Margriet, and Christina.


What other royal sisterly groups come to mind? Show us your favorites in the comments.

Save those brothers only photos for the final entry in our series, coming soon.

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Random Royaling – State Visit Norway and Jordan (Updated!)

The State Visit between Norway and Jordan is both historic and sartorially notable. It is the first state visit to the Middle East for King Harald and Queen Sonja, and there were some very intriguing ensembles on display.

It was good to see Harald looking so well during the Welcome Ceremony, and I find both of the Queens ensembles interesting. I really like brown with light blue accents, so Sonja’s dress is in my wheelhouse entirely, and any outing of those massive beads of hers makes my day. I am less enchanted with the length of Rania’s dress, but the front foldover detail is a nice touch, and no one can ever say she doesn’t shine in white. Rania’s dre ss is by Izeta and the shoes are Dior Cruise.

Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix

There were two seminars, a business and trade seminar where Sonja did some speechifying while wearing spiffy red, and a secondary seminar on supporting greater freedom and participation in the workforce for women. It always gratifies me to see how Rania supports the endeavors of Jordanian woman, and it’s also a topic close to Sonja’s heart.

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– Kvinners deltakelse i arbeidslivet har hatt større innvirkning på Norges økonomi enn våre inntekter fra olje og gass – tilsammen, påpekte Dronning Sonja i ettermiddag. Hun understrekte betydningen av likestilling da hun talte under åpningen av et norsk-jordansk næringslivsseminar i Amman. Jordan har gjennomført viktige reformer de senere årene for å øke kvinners deltakelse, for lønnslikhet og mot diskriminering. – Norge støtter disse initiativene, sa Dronningen, og uttrykte håp om at Norge kan inspirere til ytterligere innsats ved å dele egne erfaringer på området. I kveld er Kongeparet Kong Abdullah og Dronning Ranias gjester ved en bankett til ære for statsbesøket. Foto: Tom Hansen @hansenfoto #kongehuset #kongharald #dronningsonja #kingharald #kingabdullah #queenrania #queensonja #statsbesøk #statevisit #Jordan

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Alas, the banquet was bereft of tiaras, somewhat expected in today’s climate. However, both Sonja and Rania represented well. Rania wore a sumptuous blue and liquid gold embroidered gown, and Sonja glowed in white, as she does.

Photo: Tom Hansen,

The couples visted the baptism site of al-Maghtas, on the Jordan river. In Christian belief, this is the site where John the Baptist baptised Jesus. The Royal Couturier has identified Rania’s outfit as Michael Kors.

Embed from Getty Images

More information on the visit can be found on the Norwegian Royal website and Queen Rania’s Closet. Let us know what you think of the visit in the comments.