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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Well, well, well. Yes a busy royal week is done and dusted. I admit to following the British drama on other blogs and media outlets, but to remain true to our mission here we are turning our eyes to some alternative events. Lot of interesting life going on in other monarchies.

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All the royal photos you missed from the week of January 6th can be found here.


OC brought this to the Handbag’s attention, and it’s so touching. Just watch King Abdullah’s face – at times wistful, proud, and joyful – as he pins the aviation flight wings on his daughter, Salma Bint Abdullah, the country’s first female military pilot. This, folks, is a big deal. Hashemite women getting it done, yet again.


I fell down a rabbit hole of Masenate Mohato Seeiso last week. I was unaware that she was the first commoner to marry into the royal family. At some point we will take a look at some of her style choices, since she is a master of mixing elegant Western styles with the traditional clothes of Lesotho. Ambidressterous, in Handbag language.


Tatiana Casiraghi did some modeling with her younger son, Maximillian. We don’t see her often in public. It’s an interesting combination, Wickstead and Casiraghi.


If you are on Twitter, I highly recommend you follow JR. He’s been a good friend to us and other bloggers, and he is fountain of royal information. He has some interesting background on the photo of Princess Benedikte wearing Queen Desiree’s parure and train (a photo that many of us have come to love).


Qaboos bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Oman, died on January 10. He was the longest serving ruler in the Middle East. More about him and his tenure can be found here. Like many other royals, he was trained at Sandhurst and has many friends among the current royal families. Queen Noor, King Felipe, Queen Elizabeth, and many other royals have send condolences.

The funeral has been held, but here is now an official mourning period. Both Prince Charles & King Willem-Alexander are in Oman to pay respects, participate in the official days of mourning, and meet the new sultan. Yes, Charles will fly back to attend to his own royal business on Monday.

What did I miss?

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Random Royaling – Colorful Clothing from Lesotho, Japan and Jordan

Note: Due to some scheduling difficulties, the Hall of Fame post on Princess Margaret is scheduled for next week. We did update the Maxima post with her outfit from yesterday, which is a must see.

It’s been raining here for three days and my rain gauge says 4 inches have fallen. It’s getting colder, the six month winter gloom is starting to set in, and, to top it off, starting this weekend it will be dark from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Can you tell I need a shot of colorful clothes worn by beautiful people? In sunny places? I do – let’s go.

A couple of weeks ago in Bits and Bobs, I posted a photo of Princess Senate Seesio of Lesotho, wearing a tiara on her 18th birthday. She has also posted a series of photos from her birthday photo shoot, and I am in love with the blue dress. Also, for those of you who despair of the younger set ever taking up brooches, please note what is pinned to her shoulder.

The princess and her mother, Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso, posed for a photo on South Africa Heritage Day, held on September 24. It’s an interesting holiday, which is almost unknown in the U.S. The Queen and Princess are wearing traditional basotho blankets in beautiful colors.

Queen Rania is a consistent supporter of agricultural initiatives and, in particular, woman in farming. Recently, she visited the Kufrsoum Agricultural Cooperative Association of Pomegranate Producers. She wore a beautiful black dress, decorated with triangles, traditional in Northern Jordan. She has worn this shawl before, but this time I noticed that it is similar to the ones the women at the co-op are wearing. Maybe one of our community – ahem, Jane Maple – can tell us if it’s a traditional shawl from the region. More at Queen Rania’s Closet.

At the fourth court banquet for the Japanese Emperor’s enthronement, the Empress and princesses wore traditional kimonos. I love what the evening light does for these garments and in particular love the patterns on Princesses Tsuguko and Yoko.

Anyone who is on Twitter, and interested in the Japanese royals, should definitely follow Prisma. She replied to Wendy’s question with some beautiful photos.

Hope the color was what you needed, as well!

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

October is a busy month as everyone is back in full swing in royal-land. We are also back into our groove, including royal weddings on Tuesdays, What If Wednesday, and tiaras on Friday. This Thursday we have a fascinating guest post on deck, one that you won’t want to miss. You are going to be very envious of Royal Warren(t)’s summer vacation.

We will resume with the Hofdame Hall of Fame in two weeks, where we will be taking a look at the Empress Emeritus Michiko’s evening wear. We know you need two weeks to think about that one!

Crown Princesses Princessing

Mary took a quick two-day working visit to Morocco to attend a youth innovation forum. She participated in a fun run, making exercise look easy. Her arrival dress was the black and white dress by Vilshenko, and she wore a beautiful print skirt on the second day. For close up photos, see New My Royals.

Victoria brought back the veiled hat look for the annual meeting of the Swedish Church in Uppsala. She also demonstrated the power of a monochromatic look, including accessories. The dress is by Camilla Thulin.

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First Tiara Sighting

Well this is exciting and unexpected. Princess Senate Seeiso, of Lesotho, who is now 18, and had official photographs released. They are beautiful, so head to the African Royalties blog to see some great images. She also wore a tiara, which is a possible birthday present although I can’t find anything confirming that. She is an impressive person, whose work to end child marriage we have highlighted previously.

View this post on Instagram

The war is over 🎀

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This and That

Proof positive that you can wear a kilt anywhere. Prince Charles climbed into an excavator at the headquarters of W M McDonald, a construction and civil engineering company.

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We thought our own Onegin might be interested in this one.

An inconic Egyptian royal necklace has surfaced.

Our resident historian, archivist and fact-digger-upper, geogirl, has unearthed a couple of interesting stories for you! Did Queen Alexandra enamel her face to remain youthful? Also, how many times does the current Queen Elizabeth wear a hat? Another book for the royal book nook.

What did I miss?


One Remarkable Princess

Princess Senate Mohato Seeiso is the seventeen year old daughter of King Letsie and Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso  of Lesotho. The King and Queen have three children, but only Princess Senate is currently in public life. Her first cause is a big one, and worthy. She is the patron of the Non-Governmental Organization Coalition on the Rights of the Child.

She was nominated by Lesotho’s Ministry of Social Development as the country’s champion and spokesperson against child marriage. She embarked on a tour of her country in 2018, speaking to schools and youth organizations, focusing on the rights of young women and girls.

Photo courtesy of Lesotho in the United Nations

In her role, she is working with the United Nations to implement the Convention the Rights of the Child in Lesotho. An honor she accepted while wearing a beautiful necklace and a dress I wish I had better photos to scrutinize. It is still difficult to obtain photos of the African royals here in the western world. It’s a pity, since she is an accomplished young woman.

She has a lovely, cheerful style, with what seems to be a promising ability to accessorize with jewelry. I look forward to seeing her style, and her professional life, develop in the future.

Lesotho Royal Family, Princess Senate Seeiso, King Letsie III, Prince Lerotholi Seeiso, Queen
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Princess Maseeiso , Photo credit: Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture