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Welcome to this Thursday’s edition of ROYGBIV. Today we’ll be looking at gold entries. For me, gold clothing is hit or miss. It can either be so incredibly gaudy or really classy. Here’s hoping I picked some entries that please your eyes! If you’d like to look back on our lengthy ROYGBIV series, just search for it using the tag feature on the sidebar.

This one is a doozy. Depending on where you are in the world, get yourself set up with a snack, a cup of coffee or tea, or an evening cocktail and let’s get started!


Oh Betty. You slay me sometimes. Somehow this design manages to make the more senior lady look positively svelte!

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And we’ve got this gorgeous gold beading a few decades prior to appreciate.


OK, I admit this gold entry barely makes it into our category as it was pre-royal days, but this Edith Head creation from To Catch A Thief must be posted. Click the caption to read a great article with more snapshots and design sheets. The sculptural details pull me in on this one.


Alexia rocking the gold sequins here in a tasteful way.

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Her Royal Highness Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark celebrated her 53rd anniversary this past Wednesday and we wish her the best year yet! . Princess Alexia was born to King Constantine II of The Hellenes and Anne-Marie of Denmark, Queen of The Hellenes, in 1965. Between her own birth and the birth on 20 May 1967 of her brother Pavlos, Princess Alexia was heir presumptive to the throne of the Hellenes, then an extant monarchy. Greece's order of succession to the throne was determined by male-preference primogeniture, similar to the succession laws of Spain, rather than Salic law, prevalent in much of the continent, which precluded the succession of women. Educated, like her brothers, at the Hellenic College in London, she then went to the Froebel College of the Roehampton Institute, a division of the University of Surrey, in 1985 and took a BA in History and Education in 1988. In 1989, she achieved a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and became a primary school teacher in the inner city area of Southwark in London between 1989 and 1992. Before moving to Barcelona where she became a teacher of children with developmental disabilities. #greece #princessalexia #alexiaofgreece #greekroyalfamily #hellenicroyalfamily #greekroyals #royalbirthday #europeanroyals #monarchy #princessofgreece #greekroyals #greekroyalty #royals #royalty

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Marie Chantal SLAYED in this crusty gold Elie Saab for the 2012 Luxembourg wedding.

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Paola wearing the heck out of this high neck look.


Sirikit representing! Let’s also appreciate that bold lip.


The gorgeous Lalla Salma…

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Former US First Lady Michelle Obama, alongside her daughters, Malia and Sasha, in matching dresses for a traditional iftar dinner with Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco (R) on June 28, 2016. • • • Бывшая первая леди США Мишель Обама вместе со своими дочерьми, Малией и Сашей, во время традиционного ужина ифтар с принцессой Марокко Лаллой Сальмой (справа), 28 июня 2016 г. ___________________ 📸 Photo credit to the respective copyright owner(s). #aroyalmoment #michelleobama #lallasalma #maliaobama #sashaobama #morocco #iftar #2016 #monarchy #flotus #usa #firstlady #obama #princess #kaftan #maxidress #мишельобама #обама #максиплатье #кафтан #морокко #сша #ифтар #наряд #ootd #ootn #style #instaroyals #🇲🇦

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Look at this delicious vision, so proud at her son’s 2004 wedding! Check out the last photo in the slideshow to see her golden gown from the pre-wedding gala.

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You didn’t think I would do the gold category and not include THE gold dress, did you??

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Benedikte shines in this lovely gown from a few decades back. I don’t often see a resemblance between Bene and Daisy, but I see it here, for sure.

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Princess Benedikte of Denmark was born as the second child of King Frederick IX of Denmark and Ingrid of Sweden. Princess Benedikte has two sisters, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. Princess Benedikte can speak Danish, English and German. Her Royal Highness married to Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein- Berleburg. The couple was very happy and they had 3 children. You can notice that Princess Benedikte has good relations with her sisters. #birthday #royalbirthday #princess #denmark #danishroyals #queen #king #prince #danishroyalfamily #royalfamily #royal #royalty #royaltyfamily #royaljewels #royaljewellery #tiara #crownprincessmary #crownprince #crownprincess

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Marie looks fabulous in this gold applique.


Auntie Astrid rocking the gown here with delicate pink floral accents. I almost feel like the necklace is too heavy, but hey, it’s Astrid. She does as she does.

Here’s Sonja back in the sixties!


Maria Theresa wore this fab creation to Guilliame and Stephanie’s 2012 civil ceremony. Chef’s kiss!

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Making her debut in today’s category is Desiree, sister to the King. I thought she carried this bevy of sequins off quite nicely, as I would expect any woman from Sweden to do! I especially like the neckline and that she wore the Cut Steel tiara. Nice touch.

Sister-in-law Silvia looks great here in 2015.

And here is Victoria, in one of my favorite Jenny Packham gowns of all time. Stunning.


Maxima knocked me out at Prinsjesdag 2013 in this golden creation. I cannot wait to see it again.

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I mean, come on. Look at this lovely lady. You can see what those stairs look like now if you review our recent post on the Huis ten Bosch renovations.

And with my beloved Oma, I leave the gold category to you!

What say you about this gorgeous gold entries? What would you like to see worn again? Would you like another royal to try one of these entries? Show us your favorites in the comments!

Next week we will do Stripes and then wrap up our series with Florals. Feel free to post your blergh/sparkleblergh choices here as well!

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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

Summer is winding down, at least for some folks. School doesn’t start here until after our Labor Day in September, but in many parts of the world it begins next week. It seems that many royals are grabbing some last minute vacation time. Let’s take a look at what is going on as August marches on.


I feel like we get a glorious travelogue as the Danes and Swedes vacation in their respective countries. They are pretty good Chamber of Commerce representatives because these snaps are making me want to visit both countries. First up, gorgeous Sweden and a surprisingly happy Oscar and big kid Estelle.

The Danes are touring their own country also. I am a bit disturbed that every royal woman seems to have fantastic legs. Is it a requirement? Is this why I am not royal? Questions that dog me during the dog days of August.


The Grand Duke was called to duty to visit the site of a tornado in Luxembourg. I was horrified to hear that Luxembourg had tornadoes – it was like hearing about a snowstorm in Miami. This is just not something I expected to happen.

This and That

Here is something fun! Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers, this interview with Edouard Vermeulen of Natan and Fabienne Delvigne – mostly subtitled in English – has been unearthed. It’s about 13 minutes long so schedule it for your lunch hour ; ).

I think I mentioned last week that I am on a bit of a Queen Maud kick. We posted some photos of Sonja visiting the “Queens Meetings” exhibit back in June. The exhibit ends on August 25 and the royal house posted a fun clip of some of the exhibit on their website. I am hoping someone who speaks Norwegian can give us a translation because the dresses are gorgeous. I think it’s about how Maud brought the tradition of afternoon tea to Norway but don’t quote me on it. Just look at the pretty dresses!

This isn’t new – it ran on the BBC website back in April – but I just managed to get back to read it. It’s an interesting piece on some of the negotiations and plans discussed during the waning days of World War II, and Queen Wilhemina and King George VI are featured.

Here is a beautiful scarf commissioned for the “Queen Victoria’s Palace” exhibition. Alas, I will be nowhere near Great Britain this summer or I would pick up a scarf or two for Christmas gifts.

So….what did I miss?

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What if Wednesday: Leuchtenberg Tiara Follow Up

Please don’t expect this fast of a turn around on every one of my “What if Wednesday” features. The stars just happened to align on this one. LOL

So here you go! Sixteen new photoshops to look over, all subjects suggested by you! I hope you like them.


Next up are our more seasoned ladies


Our dark haired ladies


Our redheads

Lalla Salma
 Märtha Louise

And last but not least, Vickan in a softer hairstyle for Miss Jane Maple.

So what do you think? I have to admit that this tiara was – A.) the EASIEST tiara I have ever worked with, and 2.) Looks FABULOUS on just about every head. Thanks for all of your suggestions!


Random Royaling – Luxembourg National Day

Luxembourg’s National Day (Journée de la Fête Nationale) brings together the senior members of the family to celebrate the Grand Duke’s official birthday. There are several events, one of which is a ceremony at the Philharmonie Luxembourg. For the occasion, Maria Teresa wore a lovely Lanvin Embroidered Silk Neoprene dress, while Stephanie and Alexandra wore pastel shades. Alexandra apparently raided her mother’s closet for her blue suit; there were sightings of MT in something very similar in 2003 . Stephanie is wearing a Sophie Habsburg design, a new designer to me, and one that I think “gets Steph”. Bonus Henri and other gents in morning suits, my personal favorite type of semi-formal men’s dress.

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The entire family participated in various events both leading up to and on the day itself.   Stephanie wore yellow Natan for a visit to Esch-sur-Alzette, at the start of the official celebrations, and MT wore a rich Etro Floral evening jacket (that I covet!) to a torchlight tribute and fireworks display. The small glimpse we have of Alexandra’s jacket intrigues me as well. It has been described as this Etro Ikat-Print.

In the evening, the Grand Duke and Duchess hosted a reception attended by all their children other than Prince Felix. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien all gussied up and came out to celebrate. Tiaras were on tap: the Luxembourg Turquoise for Alexandra, the Belgian Scroll on Maria Teresa, and Stephanie in the Nassau Floral with one of the Nassau Rose brooches. Stephanie’s long red column of a dress is terrifically flattering, and the black is a sophisticated choice for Maria Teresa. Alexandra’s evening gown is a remade gown from her mother.

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What is your take on the Luxembourg National Day celebrations? Sartorially satisfying or not?

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ROYGBIV—Purple jewelry

It’s Thursday once again friends and that brings us to Purple jewelry in our ROYGBIV series. For those new to the Handbag, you can read back on the other jewel entries at these links:  Red jewelryOrange jewelryYellow jewelry,  Green jewelry and Blue jewelry. Let’s get started.


The brooch from the Kent Amethyst parure sings to me, even when worn without its pendants.

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Mette Marit wore the Amethyst Necklace Tiara at Daisy’s 70th birthday celebrations. The soft makeup here with the braid here is so beautiful. The next slide shows Martha Louise wearing quite a few of the amethyst pieces at Sweden #1’s wedding.


Luxembourg has an amethyst and pearl bandeau that has seen itself passed through many members of the family. I think the necklace grabs my attention the most.


Marie of Denmark has had a tiara designed for her which includes amethysts, but really has only been seen in public once in 2014. The Flora Danica is meant to represent Marie, Joachim and Henrik as it was designed prior to Athena’s arrival.


THIS is the Swedish amethyst necklace I’m concerned with…not that one that’s stapled to a frame and worn as a tiara (she writes with a cheeky wink). Victoria wore these items to the 2015 Nobels while pregnant with Estelle. Oscar. I love the brooch and earrings as well.

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Charlene really knocks me off my socks sometimes, and this Dior dinner in 2013 was one of them. Look at those earrings!

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Do these purple gems delight you? Who should wear more purple jewelry and what should she wear?

Show us your favorite purple jewelry in the comments!