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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

This habit of waking up Monday with a party hangover has to stop! Another week of celebrations, including Ascot and a small get-together for Princess Ingrid-Alexandra's 18th birthday, was almost too much royal goodness for this Hofdame. I'm drinking coffee and clearing my head for the week. Let's look back at a few things we… Continue reading Hofdame Bits and Bobs


Random Royaling – Monaco at Monte Carlo Fashion Week

Well, here is a lovely sight! Princesses Charlene and Gabriella attended the Emerging Designer Award during the first night of Monte Carlo Fashion week. It's a big deal in Monaco and Her Serene Highness and her daughter represented the principality well. The two wore bespoke Terrence Bray dresses (gowns, really) that carried through with a… Continue reading Random Royaling – Monaco at Monte Carlo Fashion Week