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Hofdame Bits and Bobs

…..or, more accurately, things we missed while looking at something else. Please add your own royal-related news in the comments. Anything we haven’t discussed or things that are coming up is welcome news here. You know our motto: Keep it Royal and Keep it Fun.


The very active Crown Princess has been participating in royal runs, making visits to patronages, and keeping her promises. She’s also popped off to Paris for a couple of days on an official trip.

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Princess Caroline, Charlotte and Tatiana all attended Karl Lagerfeld’s memorial, Karl For Ever. It sounds like QUITE an event, and something that Karl himself would have loved. Caroline’s devotion to both the Chanel brand and Karl’s memory is a testament to their enduring friendship. I am not hating Caroline’s blouse, although it contains elements I usually disdain. Quite the opposite.

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Great Britain

The Energizer Bunny Her Majesty The Queen, fresh off Ascot, was back at Windsor to attend the Royal Windsor Cup Final. If there was ever any doubt, this proves that Betty loves horses veddy veddy much.

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This and That

Crown Princess Victoria is promoting Stockholm as a possible venue for the 2026 Olympics. Just in time for another royal romance to start at one, don’t you think?

Queen Sonja is recovered and back to exhibiting her Sonja sense of fun. She posed with Queen Maud at the new exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maud. The exhibition, called “Queen’s Meetings,” covers Norway’s first ladies from Queen Maud to Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

The 59th Monte Carlo Television Festival was held in Monaco. Princess Charlene wore a white gown, with a pair of black shoes that I am still puzzling over. She also channeled her inner flapper the evening before.

The Japanese Crown Prince muses about the future, given the family’s declining numbers.

There is a rumored Cambridge tour in the works for this autumn, in Asia. This is in addition to the (again, rumored) Sussex tour to yet unamed African nations. Neither has been confirmed by official palace sources.

BFFs Felipe and Albert hung out for a while, almost completely under the radar.

We know we missed a lot of royal news while focused on Ascot. Bring it on in the comments!

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ROYGBIV—Purple jewelry

It’s Thursday once again friends and that brings us to Purple jewelry in our ROYGBIV series. For those new to the Handbag, you can read back on the other jewel entries at these links:  Red jewelryOrange jewelryYellow jewelry,  Green jewelry and Blue jewelry. Let’s get started.


The brooch from the Kent Amethyst parure sings to me, even when worn without its pendants.

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Mette Marit wore the Amethyst Necklace Tiara at Daisy’s 70th birthday celebrations. The soft makeup here with the braid here is so beautiful. The next slide shows Martha Louise wearing quite a few of the amethyst pieces at Sweden #1’s wedding.


Luxembourg has an amethyst and pearl bandeau that has seen itself passed through many members of the family. I think the necklace grabs my attention the most.


Marie of Denmark has had a tiara designed for her which includes amethysts, but really has only been seen in public once in 2014. The Flora Danica is meant to represent Marie, Joachim and Henrik as it was designed prior to Athena’s arrival.


THIS is the Swedish amethyst necklace I’m concerned with…not that one that’s stapled to a frame and worn as a tiara (she writes with a cheeky wink). Victoria wore these items to the 2015 Nobels while pregnant with Estelle. Oscar. I love the brooch and earrings as well.

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Charlene really knocks me off my socks sometimes, and this Dior dinner in 2013 was one of them. Look at those earrings!

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Do these purple gems delight you? Who should wear more purple jewelry and what should she wear?

Show us your favorite purple jewelry in the comments!

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Royal Recap – New Twists on the Royal Lady Trouser Pant

A few of the royal women we follow have been stepping out in new takes on the royal lady trouser pant and I feel we must discuss this development.

Letizia in Cropped Flappies

Queen Letizia, along with King Felipe, delivered the La Caixa’s Scholarship while wearing a vest and flappie combination by Zara – at least the vest is by Zara. I have no idea if they are responsible for the flappies. Now, by these comments you may think I don’t like this combination but I must be getting worn down by the trend, because I find myself not minding it in the least.

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Char Wears a Tunic

Princess Charlene made a splash at the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco, in an Arkris asymmetrical mock turtleneck tunic – five words I never thought I would string together. Only Char could come close to pulling this off, but I think she does. It works for her figure, her position, and this particular event.

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Tils in Plaid

Queen Mathilde has worn several interesting variations on the royal lady pantsuit lately. This one, from the beginning of the month, was worn at a meeting of NEST, an organization that supports victims of sexual violence. I have been trying to wrap my head around the ensemble – I keep coming back to “it’s very Tils, isn’t it?”

Sofia in Super Wides

Princess Sofia wore a pair of super wide white flappies while attending a symposium on “Recovery From Anorexia”. The white is a nice contrast to the Cos waffle sweater; however, I think that you might need to be as lithe as the lovely princess to make them work.

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Mary Repeats Max Mara

Did I save the best for last? In my mind, I did. I just love, love, love Crown Princess Mary in this white Max Mara suit at the Korean-Danish business conference. I didn’t love it the first time I saw it but something is happening to me and the flappies are winning me over these days. Maybe it’s the addition of the Dulong jewelry? I do wish her feet didn’t disappear quite so completely into the hems, though.

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What do you think of these takes on the royal lady trouser pant? Do they work for you? Do they bring something fresh to the sartorial scene?


Open Post – Charlotte Casiraghi Wedding

Who’s ready for another wedding?!?!?

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam are set to wed this weekend, with a civil ceremony in Monaco’s Royal Palace, followed by a luncheon. They might even baptize their son, Balthazar. The religious wedding is to take place later this year.

Hopefully we’ll get some good pics, and update accordingly.

Update: pictures slowly coming out on Twitter.

First reception photos coming in. She’s wearing Grace’s Cartier diamond necklace.

The mothers! Everyone knows Princess Caroline, but for those who are unaware, Dimitri’s mother is the beautiful and talented French actress, Carole Bouquet.

Evening reception and a souvenir menu. It’s how they do in Monaco.


Catching Up With Princess Charlene

We haven’t stopped by Monaco lately but some things are happening there that I think we should discuss. For one thing, Charlene appears to be growing out her hair, and I am seeing signs of the razor bob. Every since our Queen Letizia left that style behind, I have been hoping and praying to see it on someone again. I think it works for Char here.

The whole family attended the Sainte Devote Rugby Tournament, so, bonus sighting of cute Monaco twins in sunnies.

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She also popped over to China, as one does, to attend the “Grace Kelly From Hollywood to Monaco” exhibition at the Galaxy Macau Exhibition Hall. She wore what I can only describe as a liquid Tom Ford, although officially it is the “Long Sleeve Crocodile Print Sheath Dress”, which certainly ties into our theme of royals gone wild this week. She carried a Louis Vuitton BB Capucines Handbag, with what looks like the Beijing skyline (correct me if I am wrong on that one!)*. I know it’s all not typical royal wear, but man does she wear this type of thing well.

Palace Princier de Monaco
Palace Princier de Monaco

Finally, the wedding ensembles of both Charlene and Albert are on display in China. I don’t know that I ever realized how much embroidery was on the front of her gown. I am feeling much warmer toward this dress now.

*AG says she thinks it’s Shanghai on the purse.

So what do you think of Char’s appearances? Is anyone out there as excited as I am for the return of the bob?