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Random Royaling – Summer Dresses and Masks

Philippe and Mathilde recently visited the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Mathilde repeated her floral Natan, worn previously for Albert and Paola’s anniversary celebrations.

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Earlier in the month, Mathilde visited the Van Eyck museum in Bruges, wearing another floral Natan. A Natan is a Natan is a Natan but the matching mask makes my day.

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Felipe and Letizia are paying a visit to the Canary Islands to support their pandemic recovery efforts. Letizia is wearing a summery midi by Zara and espadrilles by Macarena. The royal lady ponytail is very much appreciated by this hofdame.

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Albert, Charlene, Jacques and Gabriella watched the traditional Fête de la Saint-Jean from the balcony of the Palace The celebration starts the evening before, and includes a bonfire, which seemed to be a favorite with the kids. Charlene is sporting her braids, and there are some excellent photos at New My Royals that show them to full effect. The dress may be black or dark navy, but the styling reads very summery to me. Excellent effect with the red lip, as always Miss Charlene.

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Let us know what you think of the summery style of these royals!

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Glitter Giveaway-The End

Now that we’ve sorted out some pieces amongst royals, let’s take a moment and sort out what pieces we would like for ourselves.

There are so many wonderful pieces of jewelry that desperately need a home. Get yourself a drink and a snack and dig into the internet archives.

Your pal OC will take the following items to start her collection. A mixture of Elizabeth’s “best diamonds” for necklace and bracelet, the Swedish Vasa earrings, Máxima’s Laca brooch with the citrine pendant, and the Baümer Ocean Foam Tiara.

What would you take in and why? You may acquire as many different pieces as you’d like but please share one photo and the reasons why in each comment. Have fun!

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Embrace Those Earrings

OC: I am a woman who wears silver hoops every day. EVERY. DAY. I’m going to break out of my comfort zone and take on the Swedish Cameo earrings. They speak to me. I’m not sure what they are saying.

The Handbag: I could never pull them off as well as she does, but Princess Charlene’s ruby and diamond earrings are my heart’s desire.

LiL: Not a big earring fan (although I used to be. I wondered what happened?) but I’ll take Kate’s “Grace White Topaz Stud Earrings, set in white gold” from Kiki McDonough.

LG: I’m also helping myself to Kate’s jewelry box with the Queen Mum’s Sapphire Earrings.

What royal earrings would you like to embrace as your own and why?


Glitter Giveaway-Princess Charlene

So, Princess Charlene of Monaco. She has a few tiaras to choose from, however she simply does not wear them. I’ll share two videos about the creation of her Diamond Foam Aigrette (worn backwards during celebrations) and her Ocean parure.

This Princess has STRONG earring game.

What pieces would you like to add to Charlene’s collection? Show us your suggestions and tell us why she needs to have them in the comments!


Random Royaling – Charlotte and Caroline, the Boho Queens

When you have lived as long as I have, people, you start to think you’ve seen every fashion trend twice. At least. In this case, the same trend worn by a different generation, but by a person who could double for the original wearer.

It’s Paris Fashion week, and Charlotte Casiraghi made an appearance at the Saint Laurent show. I had to blink and consult a calendar to figure out if I had somehow time traveled back to the seventies.

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Because back in the day, her mother was the Queen of the Boho scarf. My eight year old self sat and stared at this seventies photo of Caroline, wondering how she could looks so cool in a babushka.

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Who do you think is Queen of the Boho scarf?