Battle of the Dresses – Lalla Salma Division

Oh how I miss Lalla Salma on the royal scene. So much so that I feel the need to revisit some of the fabulous traditional clothes she wore through the years. Indulge me, everyone As Morocco is a progressive Islamic country, there's some latitude in interpretation of traditional women's dress. For example, many women choose… Continue reading Battle of the Dresses – Lalla Salma Division

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Welcome to this Thursday's edition of ROYGBIV. Today we'll be looking at gold entries. For me, gold clothing is hit or miss. It can either be so incredibly gaudy or really classy. Here's hoping I picked some entries that please your eyes! If you'd like to look back on our lengthy ROYGBIV series, just search… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Gold

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What if Wednesday: Leuchtenberg Tiara Follow Up

Please don't expect this fast of a turn around on every one of my "What if Wednesday" features. The stars just happened to align on this one. LOL So here you go! Sixteen new photoshops to look over, all subjects suggested by you! I hope you like them. M-M Máx Stephalux Tills Next up are… Continue reading What if Wednesday: Leuchtenberg Tiara Follow Up

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Hello there everyone--guess what? It's time for another edition of ROYGBIV and today we're talking green. For a refresher, take a look back at Red, Orange, and Yellow! Spain Infanta Cristina wore an interesting gown to Crown Princess of Victoria's wedding in 2010. This isn't necessarily a favorite of mine, but it is really interesting… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Green

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Take Morocco – Day 3

The third and final day of the Duke and Duchesses tour took Harry and Meghan to the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports center to learn about its equine therapy program for children with special needs.  First some quality time with a new friend. Love the pony and green jacket on Meg. Embed from Getty… Continue reading The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Take Morocco – Day 3