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Pocket Profile – Salma Bennani, Lalla Salma

Recounting the life story of Lalla Salma is an exercise in frustration since facts are scarce on the ground and they differ depending on the source. Hers is also not a typical western royal narrative, thus great parts of it are not public. It's also helpful to bear in mind that she lives in a… Continue reading Pocket Profile – Salma Bennani, Lalla Salma

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Random Royaling – Random Jewel News

Our lives have been sadly devoid of sparkle for the last fourteen months, so let's cast a wide net and see what we come up with. Actually, Tiara Mania and some of our Baguettes have done all the work. Three tiaras for one wedding! #TiaraAlert Princess (Puteri) Amida Afsha Afzan of Pahang wore three tiaras… Continue reading Random Royaling – Random Jewel News


Battle of the Dresses – Lalla Salma Division

Oh how I miss Lalla Salma on the royal scene. So much so that I feel the need to revisit some of the fabulous traditional clothes she wore through the years. Indulge me, everyone As Morocco is a progressive Islamic country, there's some latitude in interpretation of traditional women's dress. For example, many women choose… Continue reading Battle of the Dresses – Lalla Salma Division

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Welcome to this Thursday's edition of ROYGBIV. Today we'll be looking at gold entries. For me, gold clothing is hit or miss. It can either be so incredibly gaudy or really classy. Here's hoping I picked some entries that please your eyes! If you'd like to look back on our lengthy ROYGBIV series, just search… Continue reading ROYGBIV—Gold