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Stellar State Visits – The Tens

Note: The Open Wedding Post will reappear tomorrow morning if you are inclined to share a part of your Saturday with us! We are wrapping up our state visits by decade posts, and quite a ride it's been. You chose the glittery 2006 Dutch State Visit to Belgium as your aughts favorite. Max, Mathilde, Fabiola,… Continue reading Stellar State Visits – The Tens

Jewels of the Royal World · Spain

Tiara Tales – La Rusa

We are taking a quick break from Designer Diaries to do a deep dive into this fascinating tiara. Thank you to Iselen for this riveting post! This has it all: broken marriages, revolution, intrigue, and drama. You won't be disappointed. The Spanish Royal House has never clarified the origin of any jewel officially, a decision… Continue reading Tiara Tales – La Rusa

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Stellar State Visits – The Aughts

Empress Michiko charmed Baguettes and you voted the 1998 Japanese State Visit to Denmark as your favorite. An excellent, elegant choice, all! Are you ready for aughts? Early in the decade, there was a flurry of royal weddings between princes and glamorous commoners, and we begin to see some of the royals we talk about… Continue reading Stellar State Visits – The Aughts