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For this Hall of Fame installment, our resident Spanish royal expert, Iselen, submitted the nominees and background on the gowns. We found the information fascinating, and know you will, too. Also look for Iselen’s nominations for Letizia’s daywear in the upcoming weeks. Thank you, Iselen, for your inside intel.

First and Second Runners-Up

Second and first runner ups are the two Lorenzo Caprile gowns, which were worn at Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson’s pre-wedding dinner and wedding itself. These events were Letizia’s first international events as Felipe’s fiancée (her own wedding was two weeks later), and the first time Spanish people got that “Wow!” factor from their future Queen.

The red, swishy, forties inspired dress – inspired by the glamorous Countess of Barcelona – was worn at the ceremony as the result of a last minute change of plans. It was originally designed for the glitzy pre-wedding dinner, accessorized for evening with the sparkly brooches. The cherry satin skirt with a floral jacket embroidered in gold was the wedding outfit, since it is actually richer concerning the materials than the red dress.

According to Caprile, on the first day of festivities, Letizia required the additional coverage of the skirt and jacket design, so she switched gowns. Unfortunately, since Caprile gave out so many details, Letizia never trusted him again and never wore the rest of the outfits he made for her. It is a pity since it’s said that the Queen owns a white evening dress that Caprile labeled the highlight of his career, but we’ve never seen it.

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The winner is a gown worn at an event that is simply one of the best royal appearances ever. At the 2017 Spain and UK state visit, Letizia wore a stunning red sparkly Varela gown, and accessorized with her Big Gun, the Fleur de Lys Tiara, the earrings and one of the bracelets from the joyas de pasar. The slightly fuller skirt balances that enormous, airy tiara with grace.

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What gown do you think belongs to the Hall of Fame?
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Random Royaling – Repeats at Receptions and Audiences

Lots of Queen action last week, and although every Queen is mindfully recycling here, it’s worth a peek. Let’s get to it. It’s not polite to keep Queens waiting.


Philippe and Mathilde held a New Year’s reception for members of the diplomatic corps, including ambassadors and consuls, assigned to Belgium. It’s a new year, but it’s the same old Natan. Remember the designer was responsible for 72% of her public wardrobe in 2019, and she’s starting 2020 in the same vein. Per Modekoningin Mathilde, it’s a repeat from 2018. Do love her hair here.

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More repeated Natan florals! This time on Maxima, on her way in to the first reception of the 2020 year. Per Modekoning in Maxima this is a repeat from 2017, and I have to admit I liked it the first time around better. Something about the hair up made it work – but it seems warm for a windy day, right?

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Queen Letizia met with representatives from FEDICINE (The Federation of Cinema Film Distributors) at Zarzuela Palace, and looked appropriately wintery in her repeated Hugo Boss blouse and Herrera skirt. Regal Fille has extensive photos and the lowdown on the accessorizing.

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Are you satisfied with the repeats? Let us know in the comments.

Spain · Tiaras

Royal Rock Retrospective-The Fleur-de-lys Tiara

Spain has quite a few tiaras for their royals to choose from, but this tiara is generally considered a big gun and is only worn by La Reina.

Collage by Royal Europe on Instragram
Victoria Eugenia, Maria, Sofia, and Letizia, Queens Consort of Spain

King Alfonso XIII gave this tiara to his wife Victoria Eugenia for their 1906 wedding. There are two details about this piece which, for this writer, are very important. One is the symbolism of the fleur-de-lys itself as it is the symbol of the House of Bourbon. What better way to display your House than on the head of its senior lady? The other important detail is that the frame is built out of platinum, one of the lighter metals that can be used for tiara construction. It’s a large tiara and hopefully the comfort level is equal to the grandeur.

Even in lower light, the tiara sparkles.

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Spain’s Queen Letizia debuted the tiara in a big way when Argentina came to visit in 2017.

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Another grand historical tiara with familial symbols on display in the sparkliest of ways.

On what occasion do you think it was worn to its best capacity and by whom? Please show us a photo of your favorite appearance in the comments.

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Random Royaling – Classic Queen Mathilde and Contemporary Queen Letizia

Queen Mathilde wore a repeated red silk chiffon Dior dress (from November 2018, see Modekoningin Mathilde) to the Belgian diplomatic reception. The Queen and King host dignitaries and representatives from the European Union at the annual event. I think the red is a great color for the Queen, but I really want to add some interfacing to the neckline. Regardless of what I think about the details, it’s a classic Queen look for Mathilde.

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Queen Letizia, on the other hand, went contemporary for a visit to FEDER (Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases) headquarters . She sported a Uterque Houndstooth Blazer and leather pants. The proportions are working here, since the longer, boxier blazer balances out the slim line of the lower half.

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What do you think of the classic and contemporary Queens?


Passages-Infanta Pilar of Spain

Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz and paternal aunt of King Felipe VI has died. She was 83. The Infanta’s full name was María del Pilar Alfonsa Juana Victoria Luisa Ignacia y Todos los Santos de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias and she was born the first child of Don Juan de Borbón and Doña Maria de las Mercedes. As a female, she was not eligible to rule and her brother Juan Carlos came to the throne. Pilar was said to have been “the soul of the family” by one news outlet. She is survived by her five children and her extended family.

Here are more than a few selections of Pilar’s fashions over the years. Do you have another favorite not featured in this slideshow?

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🇪🇸 #news oggi è mancata a Madrid l'Infanta Pilar, Duchessa di Badajoz a causa di un cancro all’intestino. Nata nel 1936 a Cannes, era la primogenita dei Conti di Barcellona, Don Juan di Borbone e Doña Maria Mercedes di Borbone delle Due Sicilie, e sorella del Re Emerito Juan Carlos I di Spagna. Doña Pilar ha sposato Luis Gómez-Acebo y Duque de Estrada, Visconte de la Torre e Grande di Spagna (1934 – 1991). La coppia ha avuto 5 figli ◼️👑◼️ #sadnews today Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz died in Madrid. She had bowel cancer. Née in Cannes in 1936, she is the elder daughter of Don Juan, Count of Barcelona and Princess María Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, and sister of King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Doña Pilar married Don Luis Gómez-Acebo y Duque de Estrada, Viscount de la Torre, Grandee of Spain (1934 – 1991) and they had five children 🇪🇸 (swipee left ⬅️ to discover more photos👑) #onthisday #infantapilar #infantaria #casareal #casarealespañola #casadeborbón #houseofbourbon #spanishroyalfamily #spanishmonarchy #monarquiaespañola #realeza #spanishroyals #instaroyals #royal #royals #royalty #dnaroyals8gennaio

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