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Spam the Neckline – V-Neck

Ah, the v-neck, beloved neckline of the late great Jersey Shore cast! It can also translate into professional royal wear. Let's get our definition out of the way:  ...shirt, sweater, garment, etc., with a neck that has an opening shaped like the letter V also: the neck opening itselfOxford Dictionary For our purposes, we'll use that definition, which means collar button-front… Continue reading Spam the Neckline – V-Neck

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Spam the Neckline – Scoop

The scoop neckline is a first cousin to the jewel or crew neckline, our feature from last week. What is a scoop? A scoop-style neck has a rounded neckline that dips down to reveal some portion of the upper chest. Lower than the jewel neckline, but the same general shape. Women's Wear Daily My personal definition is that part of… Continue reading Spam the Neckline – Scoop


Random Royaling – Spanish State Visit to Andorra

I'm dropping this in quickly because there is much to discuss! The King and Queen of Spain are on an official state visit to Andorra, their first tour since the pandemic began. For the arrival, the Queen wore her Massimo Dutti burgundy dress, with the keyhole back. I am very fond of this dress and… Continue reading Random Royaling – Spanish State Visit to Andorra

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Random Royaling – Rania and Letizia Daywear

The unofficial royal twins - Queens Rania and Letizia - were out and about in some unusual daywear. Let's drop by and see what's up. Queen Rania participated, through video chat, in the Royal Health Awareness Society’s (RHAS) annual Board of Trustees meeting. Great specs, but of course we want to talk about the zip-off… Continue reading Random Royaling – Rania and Letizia Daywear