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Royal Rock Retrospective-The Fleur-de-lys Tiara

Spain has quite a few tiaras for their royals to choose from, but this tiara is generally considered a big gun and is only worn by La Reina.

Collage by Royal Europe on Instragram
Victoria Eugenia, Maria, Sofia, and Letizia, Queens Consort of Spain

King Alfonso XIII gave this tiara to his wife Victoria Eugenia for their 1906 wedding. There are two details about this piece which, for this writer, are very important. One is the symbolism of the fleur-de-lys itself as it is the symbol of the House of Bourbon. What better way to display your House than on the head of its senior lady? The other important detail is that the frame is built out of platinum, one of the lighter metals that can be used for tiara construction. It’s a large tiara and hopefully the comfort level is equal to the grandeur.

Even in lower light, the tiara sparkles.

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Spain’s Queen Letizia debuted the tiara in a big way when Argentina came to visit in 2017.

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Another grand historical tiara with familial symbols on display in the sparkliest of ways.

On what occasion do you think it was worn to its best capacity and by whom? Please show us a photo of your favorite appearance in the comments.

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What if Wednesday: Stephalux!

Congratulations to Stéphanie and Guillaume, who are expecting their first child in May, 2020! Let’s take a look at the Photoshops I have done featuring this lovely lady in celebration of the happy news. There are only a few, but they’re all tiara related, so that’s something, right?!

The Chrysoprase Tiara, circa 1835. The Victoria & Albert Museum.
The Barberini Sapphire Tiara
The Murat Tiara
And because everyone enjoyed it so much, the “redesigned” Lannoy Tiara.

What do you think? Can she pull off these heavier tiaras, or should she stick to light and airy? Let me know! And once again, huge congratulations to the entire Luxie crew!

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What If Wednesday: Odds and Ends

Things I had floating around that didn’t really fit into their own category.

Caroline’s pearl tiara with emeralds.

I think this is a necklace that someone asked me to make a tiara out of.

Amethysts instead of emeralds.

Lilian’s tiara with an extra row in the middle. (I really hate the gap)

Again, amethysts instead of aquas.

Self explanatory. LOL

What do you think? As far as I’m concerned, I think I like the amethysts in those tiaras better than the original aquas. Please don’t kick me out of the group! LOL

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Quick Quiz – Tiaras, Heirs, and Descendants

For those who pop in over the break, here is a quick challenge for you.

Beginner Royaling: Name all the tiaras in the photo below.

Intermediate Royaling: Name all the (then) first-in-line heirs.

Advanced Royaling: Name all the descendants of Grandmother of Europe.

Extra Credit: Name all the descendants of the Father-in-law of Europe.

Community Challenge: It’s the magical “Add-On” quiz! Add your own questions and try to stump our community.

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HInt: To work out the answers to the last two questions, this Wiki is your friend. We’ll be back around on Monday with the answers.

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What If Wednesday:Charlene The Tiaraless

It’s not that she doesn’t have any, it’s just that she refuses to wear them! Even to events where others are! Oh, so frustrating. None of these are available to her of course, but that hardly matters. She wouldn’t wear them even if they were!

Cartier Halo Scroll

Baden Fringe

Diamond Daisy Tiara

Queen Alia of Jordan’s Diamond Halo Tiara

Belgian Diamond Bandeau

Meander Tiara

Dutch Diamond Bandeau

What do you think? Does she do these tiaras justice? Let us know!