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What If Wednesday:Charlene The Tiaraless

It’s not that she doesn’t have any, it’s just that she refuses to wear them! Even to events where others are! Oh, so frustrating. None of these are available to her of course, but that hardly matters. She wouldn’t wear them even if they were!

Cartier Halo Scroll

Baden Fringe

Diamond Daisy Tiara

Queen Alia of Jordan’s Diamond Halo Tiara

Belgian Diamond Bandeau

Meander Tiara

Dutch Diamond Bandeau

What do you think? Does she do these tiaras justice? Let us know!

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What If Wednesday: CP Mary of Denmark

“Practically Perfect in every way!” is our motto concerning CP Mary. But does it hold up when it comes to tiaras? I dunno….

Baden Palmette

Dutch Pearl

Swedish Cameo

Luxembourg Aquamarine Bandeau

The Five Aquamarine Tiara

Ocean Tiara (Hey, if Char refuses to wear them… Am I right?)

Diamond Foam Tiara

I don’t remember what this one is. I suppose it could be a random thing, but if anyone has any idea, please let me know.

Floral Aigrette. I didn’t make this one, but I wish I had!

And I thought I’d toss this one in while I was at it. The Rubies, sapphired up!

Well what do you know! Our motto works with tiaras too!

Denmark · Photoshops · Tiaras

What If Wednesday: Princess Marie of Denmark

You know who we hardly ever take a look at? Marie! Poor Marie. She’s stuck with one decent tiara and an iffy loaner. That hardly seems fair. Let’s help her out!

I think Mary needs to do her sis-in-law a solid and loan her this one for an evening.

Victoria has plenty of tiaras. She should send this one to Denmark ASAP.

Tilly? Perhaps you can work out a tiara share program.

Yeah, I don’t see this one happening anytime soon. LOL

I know it’s a tiny photo, but I think the Rosenberg could be fabulous!

And finally the Baden Palmette. I think this has potential with the right hair. I’m not sure this is the right hair. LOL

So do we need to start circulating the petition? Are there any tiaras you’d like to see her in?


Tiara Hall of Fame – Cartier

Time to dive back into our Tiara Hall of Fame. This time we’re going to take a look at the tiaras from Cartier. I didn’t have a favorite floral tiara, but I definitely have a favorite Cartier tiara…The Cartier Diamond Loop Tiara from Spain.

Isn’t it fabulous…

This was was a wedding present for Archduchess Maria Christina of Spain from her husband King Alfonso XII in 1879. It’s got round pearls inside loops of round diamonds, those inside loops of smaller diamonds, and then topped with more round pearls.

On Maria Cristina’s death, the tiara was inherited by her son Alfonso XIII, but doesn’t seem to have been used by Victoria Eugenia. The tiara passed to Alfonso and Victoria Eugenia’s daughter-in-law, Princess Maria de las Mercedes, wife of Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona. Juan’s daughter Infanta Pilar, and Pilar’s daughter, Simoneta, both wore the tiara on their wedding days.

It showed up again on Queen Sofia during a state visit to Norway in 2006. No one is exactly sure of the path of ownership, but it’s back in the Spanish Vault for now.

What is the best Cartier Tiara?