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Baguette Bits and Bobs

Memorial Day U.S.A. is today and the Hofdames are beginning an eight day vacation. We’ll be back with a Hofdames Bits and Bobs on Tuesday, June 8th. We’ll start you off with a few items, but Bits is all yours for the week, Baguettes. Everyone knows the rules – fun and fashion rule. Enjoy! We’ll see you next week!


We aren’t here to summarize it for you, so this week is a mystery at the Getty link. Step right up and take your chances, here.

Back in the Bag

Two years ago there was a garden party over that pile we know as Buck House. How I miss events like this!


King Abdullah met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (who has been making the rounds, we saw him with Daisy last week.) I thought you might like to see some turtleneck kinging going on. Obviously, statescraft is at work, too.

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Last week the Jordanians celebrated their 75th National Day, albeit in a stripped-down manner due to the ongoing pandemic. There was some beautiful national dress on display. It was a treat, too, for Princess Muna (Adbullah’s mother) was on hand. She is shown here with Queen Rania, who is wearing a black embroidered Jordanian Abaya. For some great photos and more information on the event, check out Queen Rania’s Closet blog, written by Menzefo Dahlia.

Princess Salma in her traditional garb.

The King and Queen, representing.

We will end with the handsome Crown Prince.


These two just love a drink. Nice pull there Chaz ; ).


Some wedding news out of Greece.


Some classic princessing to take you into the week. Princess Benedikte donated a painting by Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi’s which hangs on the wall of her study, to the exhibition “Developments” at the Hirschsprung Collection. She was given a tour of the exhibition and wore a springtime skirt that is very welcome against all the grey skies of Copenhagen.


WAX and MAX attended a national volunteer day event and engaged in some clean-up activities. Although they have staff (staff galore) at home, they don’t seem to be uncomfortable with these tasks. I think the clothing, at least, is probably more representative of their daily lives than what we usually see them in.

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Look who else was there!


There are quite a few Tils appearances this week of the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition, wearing some worthy repeats. Below is the floral Dries Van Noten gown. If you would like a breakdown of each event, ModekoninginMathilde has them all.


The Princess of Asturias was confirmed on Friday in a low-key event attended by her family only. Nevertheless, the Queen-in-Training exhibited her usual aplomb in front of crowds and positively twinkled with joy behind her mask. The Queen wore a Maksu blouse and Infanta Sofia was in a Mango dress. Carolina Herrera shoes on both girls (thanks, Iselen!).

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The King and Queen appeared at the 2021 Armed Forces Day event, Letizia full-on Letizia-ing it a tailored pink coat dress. You know I love a royal lady bun, and here it is.

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