Corp Diplomatique Dinner-Part One

An annual tradition in the Netherlands is the Diplomatic Corps Dinner and friends, let me tell you something.  We are so lucky to have photos DIRECT from the event itself!! In Part One, we’ll do a general overview and then Part Two will have much, much more information on the jewels themselves, provided by dutchroyaljewels.

With HUGE thanks to our own Kamerheer Triple-A, we have been given direct access to photos from two photographers present at the event:  Gert-Jan de Wit (and on Twitter)and Josée Zwaga.  The Handbag is so grateful to all three of you for your generosity and kind permissions to use your photos in our post.

On to the show! 

Here we have Princess Margriet wearing the Pearl Button Tiara.

Hot pink is a great choice for this lady.
Look at that sparkle–both the tiara and her eyes!

Now let’s give our attention to my lady, Princess Beatrix. For those who are new to this space, I have an almost pathological love for this lady, who is not my queen, but as just as beloved in my book. I often refer to her as Oma, so don’t be confused if you see that name.

Royal purple is a great color on the former queen, no?

I mean, just look at her! Swooning.

And on to the stars of the show, Willem-Alexander and Máxima:

Look at the sparkles FLY!

What do you think about the clothing choices made for this event? Would you change anything?

For more fun and discussion on the jewels, head on over to Part Two!