Defense of the Dress – Crown Princess Mary in Stella McCartney

Ready to judge an unusual choice? Not quite a dress today, but a jumpsuit (and I feel some of you jumping ship at those words alone). Let’s take a look.

The Facts

Frederik and Mary attended the 2022 Crown Prince Couple’s Awards to celebrate the extraordinary efforts and achievements within the field of arts and culture and social work. As this is an “artier” event, the Crown Princess went edgy, wearing a pale Stella McCartney jumpsuit with a netted, and sparkly, upper bodice. Be sure to see the second slide to view the garment in motion! If you would like to the events of the entire day, UFONoMore has you covered.

The Case for the Dress (Jumpsuit)

The Handbag: Ah, Mary, we may be alone here but I’ll jump on this crazy train with you. This fits, flatters, and it does not bore. I’m here for you, my friend.

LG: I have a feeling these awards are similar to the Swedish Polar Music Prizes, so Mary usually goes a bit off her usual evening attire; and in that vein, I love it. The netted top gives it a bit of edge, and the jumpsuit a bit of fun. I’m all in.

The Case Against the Dress (Jumpsuit)

OC: I very much appreciate the departure from standard princess-working-wear. You really need to see the video on the second slide above to get the full on sparkle from the mesh. However, it simply isn’t to my taste with that baby pink and even borders on cheap-looking. Make it all black and I am all in.

LiL: This gets a no from me. Not because it’s a jumpsuit, but because it doesn’t seem sophisticated enough for our Poppins Princess. This reminds me more of what “Early Marriage Mary” used to trot out, and she’s come so much further than that.

You Weigh In!

Can you defend this look?