Defense of the Dress – Maxima in Claes Iversen

There are times when I think we could run this Defense series on Max clothes alone for at least a year. Let’s take a look at what we have here : ).

The Facts

In November, 2018, Maxima presented the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation award wearing this Claes Iversen dress with its colorful detailing. Trust Max to wear something that is not only a rainbow of hues but a spectum of textures! Around that time, she owned several entries from the exuberant Claes Iversen line, and she wasn’t afraid to wear them. She did not don the coordinating coat – at least not publicly – but I include it here so you get the complete picture of his 2018 vision ; ). You’re SO welcome.

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Iversen 2018

What do you think of the festive Claes Iversen?

The Case for the Dress

The Bag: I suppose you would think I would be an against given my sarcasm above, but I think she really wears the heck out of this dress. She is never, ever dull and this is full “Maxima NOT Minima” mode.

OC: I’m into it. The textures are what grab me here. Bonus for the young Dutch designer dressing his Argentinian queen with what I see as traditional design elements. Super happy this was the dress alone, but should the coat pop up on Laurentien over a black turtleneck, black jeans, and high heeled boots jamming out at a future Prinsjesdag parade, I wouldn’t freak out.

LiL: I like it! It’s bright, cheerful, and like my pal OC said, the textures are fabulous. I would totally wear this if I had somewhere to wear it.

LG: On anyone else this would not only be a “no,” but a “heck no!”. But once again, Max’s personality makes something that shouldn’t work all that well, actually work.

The Case Against the Dress

Rather surprisingly, we don’t have one. How about you?