Defense of the Dress – Queen Maxima in Lena Hoschek

Look who has popped up just in time for us to do a timely Defense of the Dress – well, defense of the skirt and blouse actually. Max maxed out – sartorially – while attending the award ceremony of the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation in Amsterdam. The award went to the ISH Dance Collective for their innovative combination of art forms including dance, art and theater.

The Facts

Maxima wore the Lena Hoschek Opulence Ribbon Skirt, which is obviously named for the autumnal bands of color that run from the waistband to the hem. The A line silhouette makes for a lovely swirly effect, and the colors are truly of the season. She paired it with a Natan satin sheen mustard blouse, some familiar Ole Lynggaard Earrings (Crown Princess Mary also owns a pair), and coordinating suede shoes.

Embed from Getty Images

What is your take on the Lena Hoschek?

The Case for the Ensemble

LG: Maybe it’s the season getting to me (yes, I’ve already put up the Christmas tree and have the Christmas music playing…) but this isn’t that bad. Would it look better with a sleeker top, sure, but this is far from the worst she’s worn. I’m giving her my newly invented seasonal pass for this one.

The Case Against the Ensemble

The Bag: I am a child of the seventies and am usually all in on a luxe bohemian ensemble, but I can’t sign on for the blouse aspect of this. The skirt needs to be paired with something flowy, but not quite as billow-ey as this.

OC: As is? NO. Navy turtleneck, navy opaque tights and shoes and I’m in.

LiL: Nope. No way. Nuh uh. Or at least as OC said, not as is. I don’t like the shape of the skirt at all. Max needs more streamlined skirts. Nothing super tight, but definitely leaning more towards pencil skirt than circus tent. Although it doesn’t look half bad in motion, this just doesn’t flatter her, IMO.