Defense of the Dress – Mother and Daughter Edition

We haven’t defended a dress in a while, so let’s do a two-for-one here. We know the Swedes have shared evening wear before, but this is the first of sharing at the Nobel ceremonies. Since we were able to see it twice, on two different women, we have plenty to work with on the defense front.

The Facts

Queen Silvia wore this ballgown to the 1995 Nobel ceremony. It is classic 1995, strapless, color-blocked, be-bowed and BIG – that is some skirt. I suspect there is some significant crinoline under those folds. I am not sure of the fabric, it’s thick and could well be taffeta, which was still in frequent use in the mid-nineties. Silvia wore the Nine Prong that year, along with a couple of tiny diamond necklaces.

Crown Princess Victoria took her turn in 2018, at which point she could claim the dress as vintage. Obviously, it’s still in great shape and both women wearing it are in great shape. Victora paired it with the Connaught, and left off necklaces, instead allowing the the top of the dress to breathe a bit more. Depending on the light, the skirt is either grey or a pale green – it looks grey in the photos of Victoria but definitely green in others.

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The Case for the Dress

The Handbag: It’s SO nineties, but it’s good nineties. I actually think Victoria and her vintage outing worked a bit better for me. I like the lack of clutter around the neck.

LiL: I really liked this. I thought it looked lovely on Sils back in the day, and Vickan totally did it justice. A+ for me.

LG: We all know I love me some Vickan in a large, princess-y ballgown. I’m not such a fan of it on Sils, the necklaces seem a bit too much for a gown with this much personality.

The Case Against The Dress

OC: Meh, at best.

Was the NIna Ricci worth seeing twice?