Defense of the Dress – Princess Caroline at Sainte Devote Celebrations

Thanks to Tante Caroline for inspiring us to reinstate this old favorite feature. She appeared yesterday wearing some Chanel that is going to be absolutely fabulous or too much, depending on your point of view.

Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, Princess Gabrielle, and Prince Jacques attended the Pontifical Mass as part of the Sainte Devote Celebrations in Monaco. Sainte Devote is the patron saint of Monaco, and the day is a national holiday for the principality. The royals appear at two days of events. There is the service, which we are covering in this post, and the symbolic burning of the sailboat, which occurs the evening before. You can see the burning sailboat coverage at New My Royals, here.

Although we are covering only Caroline at the mass here, it’s worth a peek back at the New My Royals post to see Princess Gabriella’s head bling! Also, you will see a full view of Caroline’s outfit.

The Facts

For the service, Princess Caroline wore a green and white (I know it looks black and white, but they say green) Chanel coat, with a knotted finished detail at the collar, lapel, and center front of the dress. Because this is Chanel, there were buttons and pocket flaps everywhere. She carried a Miu Miu bag, and wore a beret, black boots, and a pair of coral-colored earrings.

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A yes or no for you?

The Case for the Dress

The Handbag: Total Chanel, head-to-toe. Looks easy and elegant, and completely royal. She is on brand and on point, and I think it’s fabulous. I only wish I could afford such garments!

OC: This is peak Caroline and I am here for it. At first, I was shaking my head over the earrings but that Chanel coat has coral woven through it and that kind of color accenting make my cold dead heart go pitter patter.

The Case for the Meh

LuckeyGirl: Do I love it, no; do I hate it as much as some of the other stuff she’s worn, another no. Great earrings.

LiL: Not good. The Chanel itself isn’t the problem, it’s just that Caroline’s current choice of hair color makes it too much. Her suit, her hair, all various patches of black and gray, which totally washes her out. And while my esteemed colleague finds the coral earrings the perfect accompaniment to the miniscule flecks of coral in the fabric, there’s not enough to make it work in my eyes. Or at least she could have done studs as opposed to dangle-ies, which I do not like with her current hairstyle.