Defense of the Dress – Princess Caroline in Chanel

It’s taken us a while, but we are now here folks. Caroline and Chanel go together like….well, pick anything. Horse and carriage. Love and marriage. Anything.

The Facts

There are hundreds of Caroline/Chanel collaborations that are on the conservative side, and we will get those in our Designer Diary series. This, however, is a Defense post so we must throw down something that will require defending.

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You can read about the inspiration for this dress here, and it is all interesting. It also goes a long way to understanding why Caroline chose this particular design. If you don’t have time to go a-linking, here’s the quick summary: This Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld was designed specifically for the theme of Monaco’s 2017 Rose Ball, the Vienna Art Secession Movement. The dress was based on this dress, worn by Gustav Klimt’s muse, Emilie Flöge. It’s not just a dress, but a statement. Somewhat a literal statement, but no one ever accused Lagerfeld of being subtle.

Can you defend this dress?

The Case for the Dress

The Bag: They say that art doesn’t have to be pretty, but it should make you think. This does just that for me. Not so much about Chanel, or even about Caroline, but about Emile Flöge and the spirit of freedom her designs represented. She threw away the bodice, which was pretty revolutionary for the time. On the more frivolous side, I find this fun and very Caroline.

LG: Is is a great design? Debatable. Is it memorable? Yes. Does Caroline look like she’s enjoying herself making us wonder? Absolutely! I can’t imagine anyone alse even attempting this dress, let alone looking this comfortable wearing it. So for that reason alone, I say she’s rocking it.

The Case Against the Dress

LiL: Nope. I tried, I really did, but nope. And while there is far too much “no” to even know where to begin, I’ll just say sleeves.

OC: It’s a costume.