Defense of the Dress – Princess Charlene in Akris

I have to love Her Serene Highness: she rarely (if ever) re-wears anything for big public events. I know that’s not socially correct, but we need at least one royal who brings out the glamor on a regular basis.

The Facts

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were in Florence, Italy, taking in the culture and being generally fabulous. They attended a benefit gala dinner with a dual purpose: to raise funds for the Prince Albert Foundation and to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Monégasque Consulate in Florence. The Princess wore a liquid sequin gown by Akris, which features an “apron” bodice and sheer silk tulle sleeves.

The Case for the Dress

The Handbag: Is the apron a little weird? Yes. Does it work? Well, yes. I am onboard, but only for Charlene. I don’t want to see this popping up on just anyone.

LuckeyGirl: We all know that Charlene marches to to the beat of her own drum, but this time I’m in the parade with her. I love this – weird apron / illusion top and all.

The Case Against the Dress

OC: So close to being for the dress. However, with that statement of an apron bodice, I want that illusion fabric to be just that—illusion. If that fabric were HSH’s skin color, the focus would be on the fashion detail (whether to one’s taste or not). A missed opportunity in your ol’ pal OC’s book.

Weigh In

How do you feel about this Akris design?