Defense of the Dress – Princess Charlene in Terrance Bray

Hofdame Note: We’ll check in with the King and Queen of Sweden tomorrow. They are in Jordan on a State Visit.

Earlier this month Prince Albert and Princess Charlene popped over to New York to attend the Princess Grace awards, and to give us material for a Defense of the Dress.

The Facts

Princess Charlene wore a new gown from Terrance Bray, a sleeveless number that featured a high round neck and a full silhouette. The floral print has a watercolor effect. The dress is bespoke, so don’t expect to find it on other famous people – and we’ll find out if you think this is a good thing or bad thing in the comments.

The Princess accessorized with necklace by Lorenz Baumer. The pendant contains a pink “Grace” diamond. (H/T to UFONoMore)

The Case for the Dress

The Handbag: Although I think her hair might be a little too short to pull off this look, I actually like the dress. It looks like a painting to me, and I find her tall enough to pull off the unstructured look.

LiL: I’m going to surprise myself by liking this. Sure it’s Mrs. Roper-adjacent, and it says May/June more than October/November, but she’s getting a pass from me. Probably because she actually showed up.

The Case Against The Dress

OC: Just as much newp as Mathilde’s drapes. Killer necklace.

LG: While I usually like when Charlene goes a bit out of the box, this is a bit too much for me. Maybe with a different neckline and slimmer fit I’d like it, but as is, it’s a no.

You Weigh In!

Can you defend this dress?