Defense of the Dress – Princess Sofia in by Malina and MaxJenny!

Princess Sofia is back to work just in time for us to defend (or not!) her ensemble!

The Facts

Last night Princess Sofia attended Funkisfestivalen at the Stockholm Waterfront. This is the largest music festival in Sweden that is geared toward older teenagers (15 and up) and adults with disabilities. The Princess met with the artists and enjoyed the musical offerings. She also got into the funk mode with a tiered and patterned MaxJenny! skirt paired with a by Malina top. She carred her Susan Szatmary clutch. If you want more detail, UFONoMore has you covered.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Case for the Dress

The Handag – Maybe it’s because she is so dang beautiful, but somehow this entire looks WORKS. I could be blinded by the fact that I am loving her fringe/bangs and highlights. Also, note: don’t look closely at the pattern.

LuckeyGirl – I’m in for this one too. I love the black top / patterned skirt thing when Maz and Vickan do it, and I love it here.

The Case Against the Dress

You’ll have to supply those :).

You Weigh In!

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